Thursday, October 29, 2015


The first six months of Coral's life were a haze. A dream-like haze because the lack of sleep and the shiny newness of being of a mom. While sleep-deprived, I was constantly researching what changes she was going through. I soaked up all baby knowledge like a sponge. I wanted to learn, learn and learn. I bought lots of workout clothes because, duh! That's the new mom uniform. I strolled around in my "active wear" with a badge of pride. "I'm a new mom wth no time for frivolous clothes!" is what I would tell myself. I felt like a hamster in a wheel - a very determined hamster. A loopy, happy, tired hamster. 

Then Coral started sleeping through the night and the world started opening back up. Then coral started crawling, holding a bottle, entertaining herself and things got easier again. Still hard, but exponentially easier than the beginning days.  By 12 months I didn't give a hoot about research. I learned to trust my gut. And now, 14 months in, I've started coming back to myself. Well, I came back to myself a few months ago. But I finally feel ready to write again. 

I started working out when Coral was 9 months. Now I'm running. I run 3-4 miles now! I mean that's not a lot for running pros, but this is the most active I've ever been in my life. I've bought real clothes! Workout clothes are great, but yes it's time to dress like an adult again. I'm hitting my stride in the work arena. I'm getting closer and closer to what I really want to do. In fact,  I am en route to Seattle right now for a marketing/ PR/ social media conference.  I'm truly loving my life as a working mama. I can't do it all but I have found balance. 

My former self and new role as a mom have finally found a way to coexist peacefully, when previously, they felt at odds. This is where I am at today and I absolutely love it. I'm inspired today! 

-written from a plane #raganmsft  

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Rite of Passage

My little bundle of joy is a one-year-old. My once chunka-munka, funny-looking newborn is a the cutest walking and talking little girl!  I wish she could stay this age forever, because every day she's learning a new trick that has us cracking up or ohh'ing and ah'ing.  Don't ever let anyone scare you away from parenthood. Kids are what life is made of, the best stuff on earth I tell Ya. 

So what did we do for her first birthday? Oh just throw one of those big (perhaps over the top) birthday parties she'll never remember! It's a rite of passage right?! Pics below: 
 We love you Coral baby! 

~your mom and dad :) 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Coral Bear | 6 months

AHHH! My favorite age so far. You are sitting up much better, not completely stable yet tho. You are way more into toys nowadays, so it's much easier to occupy you at home. You love jumpers, your pretend cell phone, this water bottle with noodles inside that I made for you. You are pretty attached to mama, although you generally love everyone! You just want me close while you explore. 
We all survived mom and dad's first vacation to mexico. I was having serious wrist pain, and overall just stressed about the whole ordeal but it's so true when they say you really need vacation. 
And you really, really want to crawl. You can get up on all fours as of 3/14/15. You love books, and getting out of the house. You still pitch a fit over getting dressed, and the after bath routine of lotion and the works. 
You are too precious for words. I know I am biased as heck, but I find you to be the most adorable little girl! You have a huge smile on your face all the time. 

Mommy wants to end co-sleeping, but doesn't think you'll comply. I can not handle the dark days of no sleep again (3.5-5.5 months for Coral). So we shall see how this goes in the next month or two. Who knows, makes you'll just sleep with us til you're  four! Ha. Psyche. 

Love you so much Coral bear. 
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