Monday, July 28, 2014

a BIG update

Phew. Last week was a roller coaster. I went from super excited, to straight up achey and grumpy to be so pregnant, to super productive this weekend. My moods were all over the place. I even went to a work happy hour on Wednesday (not something I do often), and had a blast. It was completely random. My poor husband bears the brunt of this crazy emotional roller coaster, which duh he should, because this pregnancy thing is a serious business. Men owe us a lot for carrying their children. I definitely stand by this statement as I'm winding down in this crazy pregnancy journey. 

So straight up ketch-up style, here's what's been causing all the roller coaster-ness in Tessy world. 

-last Monday we had our last big ultrasound, and we found out the baby is big! She was clocking in at 6.5 lbs and in the 88th percentile with 5 weeks to go. We were ecstatic. I have no issues with my whale status because I know there is a big ol' healthy baby in there! I was 8lbs 13 oz. so I am not really surprised. And she was head down & practicing her breathing. For 34 weeks that was a really, really good sign! Proof of this big baby: 

- of course this news set the stage for what could happen in terms of delivery. I kind of took a step back from the 'what shelves do I want for her room' type questions and really started to focus on labor and delivery. I started researching effacement, dilation, stripping of membranes and inducement options like a crazy woman. I'm trying to be as informed as possible so I don't get pushed into a c-section at 40 weeks because the "baby is so big." I have nothing against c-sections. If there is a medical reason for it,then it is what it is. But just because she is big? I'm ready to be proactive to prevent that scenario from happening. Again, all this news really brought everything into perspective. A baby is about to come out of me, the shelves can wait.

-I realized at some point last week that my hips are doing some serious adjusting my friends. They ache all night while I sleep on my side, and I even have a few new stretch marks to prove it. It hurts like a biatch, but any signs that we are getting closer gets me pumped.

-another gripey symptom: my feet feel like they've been running marathons. Every morning they ache for a solid hour. Just a general point of advice: just say 'hanging in there!' when strangers ask you how you are doing. Strangers ask a lot of questions (which I have no issue with, I'll talk to anyone about baby cook that will listen :)), but I'm sure they don't actually want to hear, "well my feet feel like bricks and my hips are spreading." Just a thought.

-I've been a stressed out mama about maternity pictures. Why didn't I book these sooner?! Our session is finally all planned out, and I can't wait to check this off the list tomorrow. I'm so ready to be done with tasks like this. I've debated canceling but everyone says you'll want the pictures later. Puffy face and all. 

-we had our family baby shower this weekend! We are feeling ultra prepared in the baby stuff department. After said maternity pics, we can pack our bag and then set up as much as our time allows. I Love this painting we got from our sister in law, and the diaper cake from my sister. No other pictures because of said puffy face.

A lot has happened in a week. Emotionally and physically. I'm so ready to meet our baby.  I have my first labor and delivery exam (TMI perhaps, but this is my blog) on Thursday. I can't wait to know even more about how this journey will end! And that's all she wrote. Which was a lot. If you are still reading drop me a line and I'll send you a cookie.


Monday, July 21, 2014

When your husband goes out of town..

You call your mom and have a weekend long sleepover! Omgah, hanging with your mom who will take care of you when you are uber pregs= heaven. She drove me around to run all my errands, stopped at the donut shop for me, not once, but twice. Chaffeuring at this stage of pregnancy is highly appreciated.

You make it through buy buy baby and babies r' us trips to return items and check out new items. Sidenote: I can't get my pinks to match and its driving me bananas. End sidenote.

You have a successful trip to ikea, even if only for few nursery knick knacks. EVEN despite the masses of people. One look at this line and my husband would have said: "I'm out. Buy this crap online." 

You also get to eat healthy. With the exception of the donuts, I was in serious eat high protein, low fat and lots of veggies mode. Somewhere in my third trimester, I turned into a junk food monster - at the delight of my husband. I was ready to get a hold of myself, and my mommy helped me with just that. Especially since she's all gluten - free and stuff! 

And you make it to the pool for a bare bump tan with some great support! No picture here. #notbraveenough 

And my favorite part of the weekend? I erased my Instagram app and hardly touched my phone to look at social media. Now that, is a cleanse my friends! Try it. You won't regret it. 

Happy Monday peeps.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dear Baby Cook | 33 & 34 weeks

Ok. I'm writing from my celly, don't have the bump survey format to copy/paste, and frankly don't have the energy to go hunting for it. So I'll be shooting from mah hip on this one!

So what is most memorable about the last two weeks? Well. I'd say today (Wednesday, As I type this in bed) is the day my body officially started to show signs of giving up. Don't worry, I laugh as I type this. But my feet look like the flintstone kind.  I swing back and forth between baby pushing my diaphragm causing a serious huff and puff session to get my breathing correct, to her floating down and playing soccer with my bladder. 

I'm glad I know my coworkers well. Because not being able to poke fun at myself as I huff and puff while waddling to the bathroom for the 37th time would be a would be a serious shame. 

What I couldn't live without this week: my house slippers. Chafing cream. Bio oil. Zantac. 

Mood: meh. Just kinda waiting for my third wind to get my butt in gear. Maybe it won't happen! I'm telling ya, it's getting more and more tempting to just wing it. She's in charge and I can't control this. I've done enough to be able to manage anyway.

Wedding rings: off at the moment. I can get them on, but it hurts to pull it over my knuckle. I pick and choose what days to wear it. update: I wore it today, but I might have to leave it on. It's seriously painful to get it over my knuckle.

Sleep: getting a lot of it for being so prego. I toss and turn a lot, and have woken up at 5 am twice this week, but I'd def say I'm rested as possible. It's walking in the heat that causes an indescribable physical exhaustion.

Weight gain: 21 lbs.

Stretch marks: just the little ones on my thigh still. I still can't believe that.

Favorite moments this week: The Heights moms group meet up, and our hospital tour! Everything really clicked at the hospital tour. Then I really started planning our maternity pic session yesterday. You know, when I woke up at 5 am. Just gotta get my thoughts to the photog! 

Looking forward to: I am so ready for our big ultrasound on Monday. I just want to know how big she is, is she head down? What's going in there!?? Then maternity pics and our family baby shower next Sunday. And spending this weekend with my mommy. 

Random things I don't want to forget: I'm really trying to strike a balance between over preparing and winging it. I don't want to become too attached to anything before she's here. I read a ton of happiest baby on the block. I want to pack my hospital bag, but worry it will make me SO impatient. And I got a little freaked about breast feeding this week.

That's it in a nutshell! only 2 or 3 more of these bump posts. Crazy stuff. 
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