Monday, August 18, 2014

Maternity Pictures

So I attached my maternity pictures to a whiny 38 weeks post last week, and well, that's just no fun. So I'll give this another stab. If you are seeing this twice - lo siento mi amigo.

Half our maternity pictures were taken at home, and you can find that post here. These are the outdoor pictures, taken at 11th street park in The Heights. I was legit melting, so I am really glad I had plenty of indoor pictures to choose from!

The headboard and blanket scene were all Chesney's idea. I originally wanted Matt and I to read books in our own bed, because we are dorky like that, but thought this was a great idea when Chesney mentioned it! She took our home idea outside and I really, really love that. 

Now I've always wanted to wear a flower crown in a photo session, so I am glad I checked that off the list! I do wish that my flower crown was a bit more subtle, but for 15 bucks worth of flowers and my own hazard flower arranging skills - I'm pretty happy with the results! just one thought to all you pregnant mamas out there, I took these pictures around 36 weeks, when I was already feeling gargantuan,  and really wish I had done them closer to 31 weeks. If I have any advice, don't be a procrastinator like moi!

Happy Monday y'all. And oh, I'm still pregnant. Going on about #100weeks. Lol. Xoxoxo 

More on that lates. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 38

I went to the Dr. this morning. A little bit of progress can be noted, but nothing to write home about. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I was a bit glum about my lack of dilation progress. And even though I just said my progress was nothing to write home about, I guess I'm gonna write about it anyway. I am almost dilated to a 1, but still not quite there yet. This is the same status as last week. We started talking about induction protocol and I've decided I will probably schedule on her due date, Aug. 28th. Might as well get on the books since you have to schedule 7 days out, and they only induce on Mondays and Thursdays. I want to be patient and give her the time to come when she's ready. But I do not want to wait past 40 weeks, and she said she has no concerns about my cervix being favorable by then. So back to the waiting game we go.

Alright blog friends, I took the day off so I'm gonna go try to cheer myself up! I foresee car shopping, pedicures, or a prenatal massage to do the trick!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"at home" maternity pictures

Here are pictures from our 'at home' maternity session two weeks ago. This is a new style of photography that seems to be cropping up, and rightfully so.  Really, so much about pregnancy, and raising a bambino from what I hear, is about the home. You put so much energy into creating a household, and I loved capturing the authenticity of the "nesting" journey that is pregnancy.  Matt and I have spent so much time binge-watching TV shows, and I 100% wanted that in our shoot.  I also love the 'favorite foods' scene. Although I'm a froyo girl all the way, that ice cream bucket was in the fridge. So maybe a tinsy but of truth stretch there. BUT I probably ate 50 boxes of Special K during my pregnancy - ESPECIALLY when I had morning sickness. And I love me some Annie's Macaroni. 

Anywhoo, I love this style of photography, and Chesney Layne did so SUCH an amazing job for us. I had over-propped myself and changed 4 times, but she was so excited to make the shoot what we wanted. I felt really comfortable telling her my ideas, and she had great suggestions to go above and beyond! If you're in the market for a Houston photog, definitely check her out.  I will post again tomorrow with our outdoor session favorites. Also, my sweater and rainbow shirt were from my go-to maternity wear site:  

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