Friday, June 29, 2012

The Nail Files

Morning Loves! Phew, thank goodness its Furrridaayy. It’s Friday, Friday. Well I have some Friday fun – if you enjoy nail polish as much as I do..It’s a nail quiz to determine your nail style. And at the end, you can sign up and get a Julep Box – which is like a Birchbox – but for nail polish for a Penny!

how to do do it: Take the quiz, and then hit "JOIN', fill in your info with the code: COLOR2012 you get the box for a $.01! Don't forget to cancel by July 24th!

I'll post a reminder with instructions so you don't get charged $19.99 for the next month.
here is my purchase as proof:

My Nail style is Classic "with a twist" if you take the quiz tell me what's your style
The Nail Files

Now for the nail files!
These are last week’s nails – it is Sally Hansen insta dry in “Sonic Bloom.” I predict a lot more of these quick Sally Hansen bottles will show up in my nail bin because I’m lacking patience these days. The formula is great, I love the brush, but It does chip easy. I'm not complaining tho, it takes like 20 minutes to replace.This is only ONE coat.

Now I posted this to Instagram last night – and I was really trying to do something snazzy.

So I created this mess:

Well – every time I try trendy nail art I pretty much hate it. (Jenn Fabulous I love you, but I can never recreate your nail art!) I guess Julep is right, I'm a classic gir.

So I went with this oldie but goodie – Essie Resort Collection “Turquoise and Caicos”
This color is gorgeous, but every time I use it, I remember this is more a toe color. 

If you take the quiz, tell me what your style is!
Have a good weekend loves!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meltdown City

This week has been one for the books, to say the least. For one, I've been sportin' a mini-summer cough. You know, the kind that isn't bad enough to claim 'I'm sick' without others staring at you in disbelief, but bad enough to slow you down.

My car also broke down in the middle of a huge freeway, known as Interstate-10 in Texas. Not the side, the middle my friends. If you're curious as to what this freeway looks like, which I am sure you are not - but I'll show you anyway - looks like this:

So what did I do for the hour I sat in my extremely hot car and wait for roadside assistance? I did what all bloggers do. Take pictures of myself, then proceed to post them to the worldwide web etc., etc.. Well this got old after about 15 minutes, and the torrential downpour of sweat got to me. And at about the 45-minute mark of waiting for rescue in my steaming car on a 10-lane freeway, the sweat turned into ugly cry tears.

Roadside assistance arrived, which is an awesome feature of Houston I might add, but poor guy. Men never know what to do with a crying woman. He said 'are you ok??' I said, "i'm really hot' .. as if he couldn't tell by the massive amounts of sweat coming from my forehead and drenching my entire outfit. I got out of the car with rolled up slacks to my mid-thigh and very runny mascara.... To call this a very awkward car ride with a stranger towing my car is a huge understatement.

and right before this happened? I was having a very heated discussion with Matthew about cabinets. Cabinets people. What has become of me?!?

Well - that is a wrap. I'm sure no one wants to hear any more about my silly meltdowns. On the bright side, the week is pretty much over!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Haircare for the Cheap and Lazy

You know how you have those tasks in the back of your head.. Like floss more, take your lunch to work,  walk the dog longer, call your parents more etc., etc., etc.  Well my task was -  to start taking care of my hair.
Especially since a lot of it fell out due to wedding stress. So top of my  list?

Must. find. some. kind. of leave-in conditioner.

 Now, I am not one to spend much on my hair - now make-up? That's a different story.
I'll drop exorbitant amounts of cash on make-up. I mean you only have one face, better make it count.
But hair?? Psssssh. $5 Dollas better make me holla, because that's as much as I'll spend on a hair item.

Well, I was in luck when I found this stuff. I saw this dove hair therapy circulating the blogosphere, and was already on the market for some kind of leave-in (detangler, leave-in same thing).. and when the price tag was $4.88, I said score! and threw that thang' in the buggy.

Now I had a little anxiety.. I thought.. how can a $5 dollar item really work?? I was kind of cursing myself for not buying the $20 dollar Aveda stuff.

But I paired the Dove with my normal John Frieda Luxurious Volume, something I use everytime I blow my hair out and I thought it was successful!

{blow-out hair for Jenn and Matt's wedding}

It did NOT weigh my hair down. It was NOT greasy.

And I live in Texas People. And its 100 degrees daily round' these parts as of late.

It was just siiilky smooth.

Now the outdoor wedding ceremony did kill my hair pretty a tad..see this picture.. but I perked it up the next day and it was good as new! I unfortch don't have a pic of that part.
.I mean it was still shiny at least. and It didn't look greasy, which is key.

[I look drunk. probably because I am]

Now disclaimer: I do have somewhat thick hair, so it might not work for anyone. But if you have thick hair - and want a good leave-in, this stuff is worth all 5 bucks!

Now this was air-dried, with a  few spritz all over! Hello beach waves! Easiest. hair-do. ever.

For 5 bucks, I'm lovin' it!
Over and Out.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Heyyyy Mr. Postman

Dear Wedding Photographer where are my pictures? You said 4-6 weeks and tomorrow is 5 weeks to be exact, don’t make me find you!!

Dear pre-wedding body - can I have you back??

Dear House, please go easy on my stress levels. Ms. D - I’m talking to you.

Dear sister - you are totally cray. I will never understand your obsession with all things related to house, but thanks for helping with house stress noted above.

Dear Husband, I know you think I make too much noise in the morning when I get ready, but I promise to try harder to keep quiet. And play less Britney Spears music. I always forget that most people a) don’t like her music b) can’t stand listening to her singles collection on repeat.

Dear girlfransss, can’t wait to see all you tonight and partay!

Dear Weekend – so glad you are hear. This girl needs some rest.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

I've joined the 21st century!!

 Anddd opened a youtube account *gasp* Actually, I had one for a really long time, but never used it.  Hopefully I can do more vlogs and all the cool stuff that bloggers do! I'm such a baby blogger at this point but I am having so much fun learning the many ways to grow this lil' space here.

So, I karoaked on our honeymoon.  To Britney, duh.  And a  few of you insisted that I self humiliate (is that a word?) and share the video. 
Well - ask and you shall recieve! The video is dark, I'm completely embarrased of it, but it is my first youtube upload so I feel even more inclined to share it.

Here is me. Singing good ol' Brit Brit.


I mean really, I was stiff as a board, and my eyes were glued to the song lyrics that I literally have memorized and can sing in my sleep!!! Why do I take things so seriously?!?

on another anyone overanalyzing their commenting behavior?? lol. Because I am.

Love love,

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some Unfinished Bizznazz: LA Slim Wrap Review

Remember this?

I promised to share all the details of my LA Slim Wrap experience, and whether getting all mummified really helps you shed some pounds and as usual..
I got distracted and forgot to post about it. In my defense - I got married 3 days later!


I'm finally recapping the most awesome and awkward thing I've ever done in the beauty department.

But over here! Head on over to 
Lindsey to hear the rest! 


Monday, June 18, 2012

Honeymoon: Part Dos

Top of the mornin'

Hope you had a great Father's Day, I would definitely say I am exhausted from driving all over TEXAS this weekend, but I'll get right to it!


So basically I die when I look at our pictures..and wonder when we will take our next vacation.

And then quickly realize we are buying a house and that won't be happening for some time. BOO.

But anyways.

Our resort looked like this.

 We would log in a few hours at the beach every day and it looked like this:


not too shabby right?

[I tried to photoshop my tummy..but realized I have no idea what I am doing.. I should prob just work out]

After laying around staring at the sun, I started getting reeeeal stir crazy. and if you know me, you know I can never sit still. And Matt and I decided, lets do some thangs! Well really, I decided to do some things, he groaned, and then would tell me he was glad I made him after each activity.

First up: Kayaking. The resort had them to rent for frizzle:

Paddling away!

the water was freakin a-maz-ing.

We Snorkeled. Alot.

We rode some horsies..which was HILARIOUS. I couldn't even do it on my own, I was that much of a wuss. I was totally that girl that had to be hooked up to the guide. Apparently I'm not the horse whisperer that I always thought I would be.

we got really crazy tan lines:

We ate so so so much delicious food. I'm not exaggerating.. DELISH....but really, I saw a few preggo girls on the resort... and I couldn't help but make a mental note that I'd totally be down to come here carrying a mini-me. Then I actually heard of this thing called a 'babymoon' ..where you essentially take a vacay before the bambino comes, and I'd for sure rec this place for this exact purpose. It was mega quiet, the food was to die for, and there obviously was plenty of it. I think the staff makes a special mission to send their guests home 7 lbs heavier. No freaking joke. 7 lbs. 7 pounds!!

We also saw a really cool Michael Jackson Tribute show:
I mean I think this guy even got a nose job like MJ's..

And we Karoaked. But I only have video. And its horrendous with a capital H. Just know that it involved B. Spears. And a song she sang a long time ago with the word 'sometime' in it.

Matt told me it was good, "babe you were great! you really had an attitude up there"
 But I found out the next morning that he lied. He really, really lied. lol.

and thats about all I will tell you!

So that's all I have for now. Pshh that was actually a lot, I hope you made it down this far. Tata loves!
Tomorrow I'll be guest posting for the lovely Mrs. Peters. So make sure to stop by manana!

and later this week: Xel-Ha Water Park Review

and some video of the cutest dolphins ever!

I just wanna go back!! *pouts and gets back to reality*

Friday, June 15, 2012

Being a Link-up Lush! Friday Faves + The Nail Files

Hola mi Amigas! I had a honeymoon: part dos post (you can read the first one here) ready to roll but I decided to be a little bit of a link-up whore so I’ll get right to it. Fridays have the snazziest link-ups and I couldn’t miss out!

So my first link-up is Friday Faves! Le Bargain Blonde is one of my fave bloggers and who doesn’t like a good 5 things post??

Meet my niece:
is she the cutest???

Well, this weekend I am hittin’ the road and headed to my old stomping grounds, Austin, TX to celebrate her 4th birthday. She’s pretty much my 2nd favorite person on the whole planet, after Matt of course.

Second up- I am getting my haircut while I am in Austin. Like Lindsey says, “there are two things you don’t ever change, your hair stylist, and gyno.” TRUTH. I’ve been sporting light socket hair for awhile since I moved away from Austin, and getting in appointment with Melinda makes me so, so relieved! Gotta tame this fro!
Third: I get to bust out my summer makeup:
[Nars blush in Torrid, and Makeup Forever eyeliner (which I SWEAR by - in 20L – a teal / green ) that just makes your eyes pop in the summer time]

Fourth – and I haven’t had a chance to talk about this too much – but my girl Brit Brit has been all over the news promoting her new X factor gig. I don’t know when Xfactor will start airing – but I will be glued to the tube for every episode. Doesn't she look gorg??!

And Last but not least – I was SO giddy to get an EZ tag. Which – if you don’t live in Houston translates to – I get to ride in the fast lane and dodge traffic. I was so excited about this, I was questioning my sanity.

 The simples pleasures in life people, the simple pleasures in life.


The Nail Files

And for the nail files with Tara.. my new fave nude polish – “peachy keen” by Sally Hansen. Lindsey introduced me to this color – and its just a great nude with a peach sheen to it. It’s also a little darker than most nudes I’ve tried, and it goes great with just one coat for the “fresh, effortless” look or two coats for the all-out sophisticated look.

I'm out! Have a good weekend lovies!
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