Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm blogger consti

OKKK now. I've been gone for a hot minute, but I'zzz got 'cuses, let me tell ya I got excuses! 
First off, my bestie got married. She was a stunning bride.
See this picture below:

And I have TRIED to blog about it about 3 times.

 But I was writing all this sappy stuff, and and well the sappy stuff I wrote before the wedding really can't be posted now after the wedding. And I'm not scared to post sappy stuff, because ya'll I am a sap. But because that is some non-chronological mess and this post just needs an overhaul. And I'm scurred my post wont do my best friend's wedding justice. This is a lot of mess and scaredness. Essentially, I'm blogger consti.

So the best thing for me to do when I am blogger consti is to say I am blogger consti, then just get back to the basics of blogging.  Which means rambling in unstructured run-on sentences about exactly what's going on in my head. At the very moment.
 ...So POOF. Be gone. 
and now for the rambles..

 I am headed to the dentist tomorrow. I haven't been in years, so really, wish me luck.
 I'm gonna need it.

I can't stop thinking about my blog design and If I need a new blog name. 
Can we say #firstworldproblems?? But really, it is partially to blame for my lack of blogging lately.

I have a massive event for work that I have GOT to start chipping away at. Oh vey. Just get on with it girl.

Also, why do I love posting at night? So weird.

Alright ya'll, I've rambled enough. Toodles.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Blogger Meet Up

This week I had no idea what to do with my life. I was confused. I called my friends and asked them, now what shall Tessy do with herself. I tweeted I was bored. Twice. Not even intentionally, I just realized I tweeted "I'm bored" not once but twice last week! And you wanna know why??

BECAUSE THE Bachelor is OVER. And my other favorite show, "GIRLS"ended Sunday too.

What's a girl to watch??  What am I to do?? I'll tell you what I should do. Get a life that is!
 One that doesn't involve my couch and DVR.

So on my merry way to getting a life, I decided to go to my (AHEM) first blogger meet up!
(and a few other classes and gatherings to improve on onself, but that is another post)
The Htown Blogger meet up to be specific.
And it was everything I thought it would be!
For instance:

I always thought I'd be nervous, and let me tell ya I was nervous. 

I over-analyzed my outfit.

I knew I'd think about flaking, which I in fact did.
Me: Maybe I shouldn't go.
Husband. "yea, yea, yea don't go! lets go to the movies!"
Me: "Don't you dare Matthew!!"

And then, two frozen sangrias later..just like I thought, everyone was amazing. Which they really were.

I mean Who else can you talk to about return visitors, blissdom, blog lovin and camera bags only five minutes after you meet them?? Only bloggers, of course! But seriously, all of of the girls were so easy to chat up, and I pretty just screamed 'googler' the whole time! That's because this girl right here's last name is pronounced. GOOgler.

Mrs. Amy!
The two chatty Kathy's ended up sitting right next to each other!

We all know Michelle from the she's so, so sweet! 

Whitney from the Observant Turtle! She handed me her business card and I immediately squealed because I recognized her blog name and picture.

 Meg! From One of the organizers!

And the nail polish queen herself! Mrs. Tara from

And I never got a group shot, but Laura and Nini, so good to meet you, and to all of the other girls I had a great time. WE must do it again soon! 

Toodles yall! - Tessy

Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm only doing this because

Blog lovin told me to. You dont think I'd post twice in a day did you? Didn't think so! Yea apparently you have to enter code in a new post to 'claim' your blog on bloglovin. haha not sure I want to claim myself, but here goes!
Ps. I never had blogloving before.... this is very interesting. Its like a 'wholeee neew worlddd' Aladin Style. You can even follow posts from your iPhone.. so we can all spend more time on our phones resulting in our spouses griping and not understanding 'this blog thing'

haha. sold!
So come follow me! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

In total go go go mode!

Snotty McSnotterson is no more!
 Since the snot has finally subsided, and I feel like a human again... and I am crawling out of obsession with bachelor news mode..(SERIOUSLY Sean and Catherine are so cute. I die. Please don't break up.)  
I am ready to tackle some very neglected items in my life in the next week, starting today.
working out and dieting for my best friend's wedding next weekend!!! heck to the YEAA. This is clearly the most important.
getting all tan and shizzzz for said wedding
getting fake eyelashes (i think). The fancy ones they put on with tweezers.
Totally unrelated, but finally shopping for those work clothes I was SUPPOSED to shop for two weekends ago. Seriously who procrastinates on shopping?
and fertilzing my grass. Is this weird?? am I officially old? On the serious I can not wait to fertizle my grass and get it green and pretty instead of brown and dead looking.
OH and maybe going to my first ever blogger meet up on Sunday!
and that's about it for me. Which is actually a lot. But Im either in 5th gear or stop according to my familia. They are so right.
Have a good weekend everybody!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Or ends up on a blog!! DUH in the famous words of Kristen! Haha kidding Emily. I can't be that girl spilling all the bachelorette beans!! The weekend was a blast, I may or may not still be recovering. (Well, I am in fact recovering. The sinus fairy gave me a visit right before I left, and whatever cold or sinus problem I was having all trip is still with me.) I had to call in sick today at work, and slept for a solid 12 hours. and I still feel sick as I write this.

enough about snot and more about vegas!
I spent the weekend with these four lovely girls, including the beautiful bride to be in less than two weeks! We were college friends, coming from the (cough cough - see I told you I was sick) best university in the state.. UT of course..HOOK EM. 

Natalie and Patty planned a great party, so I had to share some of the things we did. In my humble opinion, here are some things you need to know about Vegas, specifically, bachelorette party style:

#1. Do NOT stay at Excalibur. I got to Vegas a day and half early and stayed here because it was so cheap. I then moved over to MGM with the girls. I know these trips are expensive, weddings are always expensive. But a saving a few dollars at you lungs expense? Don't do it! The place was truly an ashtray in disguise. .

#2. DO stay at the MGM! Almost as cheap and very fun, clean, remodeled, well kept etc.

Do carve out time to see the Hoover dam or Grand Canyon. I'm a nerd at heart, and when my dad tried to take me to a fatty beef buffet I said heck no, lets go the mountains! and to the mountains we went. It was a 40 minute drive out of Vegas, and we stopped in Boulder City for lunch. I used to watch 'Fools Rush In' on repeat as a tween and I couldn't miss seeing this spot where half the movie was filmed.


This little crevice scared the bejesus out of me. Don't fall!

Do NOT forget this self tanner. Everyone looks fabulous in Vegas so put in a few extra bits of effort. 
Werk it girls!

DO THISSS!! Book a stripper class, even if you aren't in Vegas. It was such a workout, and actually educational. All the tricks were so incredibly hard I left with a new respect for strippers. Which is odd, given I hate strip clubs. If you wanna see a funny video of yours truly spinning on a pole,  email me! .. I don't think the Hubs would appreciate me sharing it on this here blog...

Do shop for Vegas attire in Vegas. Shopping is awesome there, and the SYLK boutique had two Vegas- appropriate dresses for $35 a piece. Now that's a good deal!

Do pin the bachelorette's sash, so it doesn't bug her while out. That sash got us all kinds of freebies and attention, so it was a must have!

DO take the groom with you, everywhere you go. lol. Cutest wedding craft ever from Natalie, the bride's sister!

And last, but definitely not least. DO go to the Thunder from Down Under. Hands down the most fun night! And that's all I will say about that... lol..

If you really want some dirt... go see my videos on the vine app, my username is modersuburbaniiiite (4 i's) .... ..... and I'll stop there. LOL. Lets just say we saw some crazies while in Vegas.   

Love peace and chicken grease y'all. 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eloping + March Goals!

I'm here with my march goals! but I couldn't pass up a super cute surprise matrimony from a college friend. Isn't this announcement just adorable?! It's double the excitement!

I have quite a few friends expecting and I just get so excited for bump photos. If you're pregnant, I can almost guarantee you I'm watching ya!

back to those goals. Well just a few goals in particular. I've decided to narrow in on just three goals this month, putting all preceding goals on hold. Instead of running myself ragged then having a major crash (like right now.. I'm SO lazy these days), I am gonna give the good ol' focus a try.

Goal #1 one: figure out this space here. am I simply just blogging for a hobby? My hopes and desires for this space have been weighing on me lately, and I need to start doing and stop thinking. First up, re-design this space. Second up, write an about me (this makes me cringe). AND third up, sponsor a few blogs I really enjoy and would find to be a good fit. Fourth up is simple. Blog more. Less half written unpublished posts Tess! Just hit the darn publish button. One thing I've already done is start tracking my blog stats more in depth. I'm learning a lot just in this simple exercise.

Goal #2 - right after this Vegas trip get back on my eat less processed food and lose weight plan. (This was an NYE goal)

Goal #3 - I'm not quite ready to share. Sorry to be vague!

Goal # 4 - I know I said there were just three - but this is normal stuff. Sign up for 401k, check. Find a dr., dentist, Gyno. I never go to the doctor, and this needs to change asap!!!

Goals on hold - plan a big trip. Things are just too up in the air right now with the transition of Matthews job. I feel like we have been saying that forever, but we realistically need to wait until that Pans out. Finish decorating house - I'm in a good place right now and need a tinsy break. Take a photography and in design class: these are also on hold, but technically these were 2013 goals so I have a lot of time! I've thought of a new goal, which is to get active in our immediate community.

Phew! Goodness. I'm gonna try to forget about any goals not listed in 1-4, and Next year I think my 2014 goal might be "accept thyself as is." LOL. If you've made it to the bottom of this post, I heart you. And post any links to your own goals In the comments, I love to read what people are striving for!

Hugs, Tessy

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Weekend and I

The Weekend and I, we got along pretty nicely. There wasn't too much to do. But there was also enough to do. A perfect balance. And altho I'm a little tired of the weekend update, I also don't want just blog on as if I didn't have a weekend. I mean that would be a weird time lapse, no?

So in no particular order..

It felt like spring in Houston.. so I busted out all my pink nail polishes. I mean it was totally time. 
 I went with 'cute as a button' a bday present from Kate!

 Fanta'ing on a patio. Enjoying springish weather.

A GORGEOUS bridal shower

Gorgeous bride-to-be, from gorgeous bridal shower mentioned above

A house straight out of MTV cribs... no was all white. 
Needless to say, I was in love (with the white).

Funny times with this girl. Long live the duckface. Just kidding. But really, #stopdoingtheduckface Tess. 

I have even goofier pictures, but we'll let those stay hidden away in the iphone. I also got  few more birthday items, didn't even attempt all the shopping I planned to do, but tomorrow is a new day my friends.

I'll be back with some goals. Because this girl needs to get it together!!!

night night. 


Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring is here!

It’s the First of March. Which can only mean one thing. It’s swimsuit season! 
Do not confuse my exclamation point for excitement. 
Swimsuit season to me means finding cute light tops, cute shorts, and avoiding getting in the pool at all costs. Ahem, I participated in a short yeast-free diet trial, you know to to avoid this problem, and actually lost 8 lbs. Hurray for 8lbs! 

Only one leeetle problem.. I never stepped foot in a gym. And you know that saying, skinny girls look good with clothes on.. fit girls look good naked? Yea well I am not fit. And A swimsuit is essentially half-naked. So you do the math on how I look in a swimsuit! Eeek.  
Ok, ok enough whining.  I will be shopping for one this weekend, because I will be in SIN CITY next week for Emmy’s bachelorette party (whoop, whoop!), and we all know Vegas always involves a decent amount pool time.

BUT I will also shop for all things spring since a ‘shopping spree’ is what I got from Hubs for the birthday, which I realized yesterday includes a new swimsuit. Most importantly, I need some new work duds. So new work wardrobe, here I come!
Here are few items on my wish list.
Lot of work related jackets, that still look casual and fun. not stuffy.

Dresses that look cute with above mentioned jackets, but also work for wedding showers, baby showers, ect ect.

Anything navy and light blue. dont forget those nude pumps!!

Andybody else working on updating their wardrobe for the spring??
Other than that we will be showering Miss Emily with gifts on Sunday, Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

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