Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top Chef Texas Finale Tonight! and the Windy City Recap

So I never gave you guys a Chicago Recap – I came home and went straight in to birthday mode. I freaking loved the city. I window shopped like crazy.

And finally had an excuse to wear this cool hat I bought 2 years ago:

I bought some fancy exfoliant, but was mostly worked to death.

Our event that helped put together revolved around Sarah Grueneberg,  a Houston-based chef who now lives in Chicago and has made it to the final two on Texas Top Chef. She was so sweet, and not diva-ish at all, and cooked some delish food. Check out my super blurryphoto op with her!

And tune in to see her tonight to see if she wins the whole thing!

So in wedding land, I tried to buy my invitations last night, and it was a big FAT fail. I'll talk more about it later! 

Love y'all! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Birfday Recap! 26 on the 26th

Hi there! So I'm a lil' sick..which is super boo boo..I'm super snotty girl sniffling all over the place, so let's get to it before my sudafed pm knocks this pooped out girl to bed! 

The good news: My birthday was so much fun! I'm truly a dork for having my mini-meltdown.
On Friday Matthew and I met my dad and stepmom at the rodeo cook-off (basically a huge bbq party in Houston)! I was so happy to see my dad, he's usually working all over the world so I was extra happy to see him for the weekend.

and check out my neon cowgirl get-up on the cheap!!
 Shirt: Forever 21 - $14.80
Lime/Yellow tank underneath: Forever 21 - $4.80
Jeans: Easy Money Jean Company ~$60

My dad

On Saturday we went to the mall, I fell in love with this skirt but they didnt have it my size!
I was pretty ticked! but ended up wearing my blue dress again.

Then we went to eat sushi at a dive:

 Net got me the cutest little bag of goodies from Francescas:
Add a scarf, and the cutest light blue/green earrings. Love her to pieces!

Then we headed over to Wonder Bar.
All my loves were there and I even got to see some really old friends which rocked.
Dress: Francesca's $45.00
I got some other goodies, inlcuding this random penguin from Krazy Kristen! 
but most importantly, we all got tanked!  
It's Monday and I'm still dragging. Haha. 
Helloooo (almost) late twenties.
I was nursing a major hangover on Sunday:

But made it over to see my mom and have din din with Mateo's parentals. 
I was also missing these guys in Austin, but I'll see them soon:

and that's all. I'm watching the bachelor and these people are so SILLY!
Can't wait to read recaps tomorrow!

PS. I am trying to add all this technical blogger stuff but having some trouble, I'll get to it soon!
Deuce, deuce.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lisa its your birthday! Happy birthday Lisa!

I'm feeling really happy right now about my day of birth! No more whiny chick! I'll be back Tom with a recap but here are a random smattering of pics til then!

Love y'alll - Tessy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lets Chat Wedding Attire

Hello Ladies!!

While Tess is off playing in the cold in Chicago, youre stuck with me today!!

Im Kristen, you may know me from my little blog All In My Twenties!

Tess and I met last year. We immediately became the best of friends and have been talking blog world and nail polish ever since!! I mean I am a pretty cute Tucan, how could she NOT love me?!

Today we are talking wedding season. Or more importantly wedding season attire! FOR ME!

One of my absolute favorite things about Christopher (that's my Boo) is his friends.... actually, their girlfriends. I am SO LUCKY to have been blessed with great girlfriends through these boys. Well as God would have it a couple of them are getting married this Spring. And this ladies, makes me more excited than a 40% off sale at the Michael Kors Outlet. Shizz puts me on cloud 9! I LOVE any and everything weddings!

Miss Tess is marrying Chrisopher's friend Matt this May and we get to have a beach weekend getaway! THANK YOU JESUS! So as I am patiently awaiting this wedding I have been preparing for her big day aka scouring the internet for the perfect attire. There are showers, a bachelorette party and a wedding to shop for!

So this is what Im thinkin!

I love these two dresses with boots or cute heels for shower dresses!!

Potential Bachelorette Party Dress...

Reherasal Dinner Dress... I love this for a beach wedding!

And my absolute FAVORITE... The Wedding Day Dress..

To say the least Im so excited for dress shopping this Spring!! If you are attending weddings this Spring/Summer you have to stop by Red Dress Boutique and The Blue Door Boutique. These are my absolute favorite dress boutiques and you will love them too. You can thank me later.

Im also in LOVE with these hair styles!


I would hide those bobbies, but clearly Im into this braided LOVE!

And while sporting these precious ensembles, you can bet your sweet ass that there will be plenties of these...

While enjoying plenty of this...

May I CANNOT WAIT for your arrival!!

Enough wedding dreaming, this girl has to get back to work!! 


Monday, February 20, 2012

Get winter items on super sale!

I am heading to the "Windy City" for a work event, and I really really really hope for three things to happen:
2. I dont freeze my buns off too bad
3. I see some snow!!
(This southern girl rarely gets a glimpse)

So naturally -I have to hit the malls! prepare myself for this cold place.
I booked it to the outlets with Mateo, and picked up most of my pieces from Banana and Ann Taylor.
I never really diverge too far from these two for work clothes.
Everything was uber cheap! Check it out:

I got this second jacket for $40 and 3 heavy sweaters for $15 a piece. Go gettcha some gurrls. 

Hopefully I'll have a cool recap!!

In regards to the weekend, well it pretty much sucked. I had to run errands, errands, errands. Super boring. BUT I did fall in love with Instagram, and get to see my girl Net for some wine to zen my brain out.

Here is another engagement pic instagram style:

and WINE!

Hook up with me on Instagram, my name is Tessytessio. It's so much fun!

And that's all for now! Kristen will be guest posting on Tuesday, and then I will be back for some birfday madness. I'm feeling a little strange about my birthday this year.. but we'll chat about that later. I will say, I am ready to knock out wedding stuff, work stuff, and PARTY.

Peace out til Wednesday homies!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Favorite Manicure Product

This is my must-have at home manicure item:

I know I have talked about it before, but I wanted to show you the results. Julie showed me this and I now swear by it.

Check this out:


Apply a generous amount, wait a minute.

Take a q-tip, rub your cuticles and they literally dissolve off. It's magical.


and the before picture wasn't that bad, trust me it's been worse before.

Now: this week has been absolutely INSANE at work, I'm heading off to chicago Monday AM and have a to do-list for the weekend thats pretty damn long. So why do I paint my nails like its my second job? Well, long story short it's because I used to BITE my nails like it was my second job. It was a nervous habit. So I am always terrified I'll start to bite them again, and am constantly painting pretty colors to distract myself.

So, somehow in my crazy mad week, I changed my color 3 times. and I realized:  it's still part of my nervousness. Here are my colors this week:

{OPI - Steady as she rose}

{Essie: Turquoise and Caicos}
I was mortified at how bright it was, being its still winter...

so I headed to the extreme opposite side....
{Essie: Midnight Cami}- (it looks way more blue in person)

I should post one more time before I zip out to Chi-town. and potentially have some guest bloggers while I'm gone. It's going to be madness.

Any bloggers have recs of where to eat,shop ect?? especially shopppp!!! Who am I kidding I'll prob have no time.

Love y'all!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the airr! and some DIY valentine's nails

Popping in real quick at lunchtime.. a girls gotta eat.. and get her bloggy blog on!
Happy Valentines Day to all! You are all lovely and deserving of a great day J I love all the little sweet random notes of appreciation you receive.. like this one from our boss: 

She’s so sweet! They were girl scout cookies from her daughters troop:

And the most exciting part..NAILS! Check out Lynette’s cool valentines nails.. they looked easy enough with the Sally’s stick on’s.

And here is my crazy rendition of valentine’s nails. Its essie Turquoise and Caicos.. which is way more teal than mint ..whoops! Kind of a fail... but here’s my cute little heart that Lindsey paintd on..

We used this to create the heart, which I bought at wally world:

And do not forget your top coat ladies!! It fixes everything.

I have so more nail stuff I want to show you but I really gotta run.. so many things to do and so little time! Like booking a movie ticket at the last minute on the busiest day in a city of 4 million people. YIKES! Happy Valentine’s day to my blogger friends!!

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