Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Welcome to our Home!

Helloooo Dearss! By the time this post publishes I'll be getting my hair did, most likely ombre on my tips or full on black.. but you never know...
EEEP. I'm already scared of the thought.

So I wanted to share a few more pictures of the house, since I started the House pics yesterday, with my kitchen! And as usual I am late, we actually closed on the house a month ago. But I am late mostly because I wanted to make collages (story of my life).
But alas there is no quick collage maker per the demise of that ill-fated google website that used to make collages which I can't even remember what it-was-called-right-now.
Wow, pathetic. But really, some before and after collages would be ideal.

Ok moving right a long, collageless... here are some before and after shots.. Welcome to our humble abode!

To our current look:

[from the street]
[driveway, hiii neighbors you're on a blog :) Just a tiny one tho, fret not!]
[the red door that I picked on accident. I never intended to have such a red door]
There she is!
Our blue house, on the corner, that we picked every door knob and paint color in..and still in need of blinds/shades/drapes or whatever we pick out (hopefully this weekend). I have more pictures of my kitchen, including some cool details that weren't captured in my post yesterday. But I shall return with them soon.

Things we hope to do:
  • add something to the windows. Shutters, crown molding, flower baskets, just something to give it dimension and make it less boxy looking. (very long-term project)
  • add vines and plants along the iron fence. We have the vine, just need to plant it! and we should buy the flowers soon.
Whatcha thank?? I will be hosting my first-ever giveway tomorrow, make sure to stop back by!!

Oh and happy halloween. DUH. Xoxoxox

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Beauty is ON!!!

Hola My dears.
So, I'll just cut right to the chase. I haven't been feeling very pretty lately.

 Exhibit A:
and I am getting sick of it! Not that I'm some gorgeous person, OR looking for you tell me I'm pretty. But I have seriously been slacking in the beauty department as of late. SLACKING. I throw my hair in bun, pretend its a top knot, and get on my merry way. I haven't been shopping lately, and minus my bike rides I have hardly excercised - and guess what? *TADA* I have arrived to Frumpy land. And it's no fun place to be! 

So I am taking matters into my own hands, and going to the hair salon.
Well, I would never make a big deal out of a haircut, I mean - what the heck it’s just a hair cut.
But truly, I am terrified of cutting my hair and visit the hair peeps twice a year usually,
3 times on a good year, and I am venturing out EVEN more in the name of beauty and DYING my hair. Tomorrow. If you really knew me, you'd know that I rarely cut my hair.
And dying it??? Say what??? LIKE never. I almost joined weight watchers too. But it cost 65 bucks and I'm down with all that quite yet.

Maybe I can blame my beauty rut on all this new kitchen action?? Perhaps? Evidence below.

Speaking of she is! My new favorite place! (she needs a few primps but for the most party, is staying simple and white) She's come a long way since this picture!!

Over and out, love you guys! and GUESS What! Someone's Blogiversary is on Thursday!!! Something exciting coming (cough, cough, giveaway)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Letters on Friday

Hi Dears, I have had the craziest morning and I can not wait to start this weekend.


I know I’ve been missing in action lately.. and then I always feel like I need a “Catch up” post but whatevers I’m just skipping over that biznazz! I took a much needed break, which was actually blogger-guilt-free…errr until last night when my husband turned to me with a sad face “baby you don’t blog anymore.” And I realized, It's time wake up from this social media coma I having been livin in.

So here it goes with Friday Letters.

Dear Matthew, Thank you for being so incredibly patient with me. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky with such a sweet man who *most of the time* quietly waits out my craziness. Love you bear, bear, bear.

Dear Football season,  I hate you already (minus the Texans). I want my husband back!

Dear House, please fill yourself up with furniture. Furniture shopping is so much fun, until I read the price tag and realize I’d rather be traveling than buying furniture!! It would be pretty cool if we could afford all this stuff from Restoration hardware...

Sadly, we can not. But in all seriousness, it echoes in our house… so we best gets to buying!!! and DIY'ing.

Dear Canon, thank you for sending me a new battery. And NO this isn’t a fancy camera, (I wish!) but at least I can resurrect my little point and shoot.

Dear bike, thank you for providing me with a mode of exercising I actually enjoy. Cruisin the new hood' has been one of my favorite things lately. Minus all that chafing shizz. Ouchie.

Love you guys, I'll be back with more deets on the house! Because yes, we finally closed. Only about 3 weeks ago. and I never blogged about it. *GASP*

How is everyone else doing on this wonderful Fall Friday???

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