Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Friday, Friday - all my faves

Thank. Goodness. It's. Friday!!!
I heard "Blinded by the Light," my favorite song on the radio, which was my que that it is going to be a good day. And a good weekend. And good week after that. Why you ask?
Number 1: I get to see all my girls tonight! Mrs. Holly is throwing a partayyy.
When you get older (GASP) you don't get see your friends as much I've found. So this is fun in my book!
Number 2: I leave for New York tomorrow!!!
Que Alicia Keys...Concrete jungle where dreams are madee of...
I will be running around like a crazy tourist trying to see all that I can see.
Hopefully all my running around will keep me from gaining vacation weight.. because..
Number 3: I am in LOVE with bar method classes. 
and feeling a little more trim than usual.
I went to Define Body and Mind  on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of this week and I rode my bike on Wednesday.
I am even thinking of trying to find a walk-in class in NY.
I took some awkward selfies at the studio yesterday.. and this is a little bit of what it looks like.

or this

and If I could describe what it feels like..
Que Alicia Keys again.. This girl is on fiyyahhhhh.
Seriously. Everything burns in this class. Even the hard to reach places like bra strap fat, inner thighs, and love-handle areas. That sounds gross, but tis true my friends. Women just have some interesting fat pockets that develop and Define helps battle those fun little friends..
Then Number 4:
I might find this girl in central park.
And Number 5:
After My vacay to New York, I head to Baltimore for work. I plan to take a train to D.C. and see some sights, and old friend.
Now If I could just pack myself properly before my 8 a.m. flight tomorrow I'd be golden!!

Have a good weekend everybody, and if you have any NY, Baltimore or D.C. suggestions send them my way! Toodles!


Monday, June 10, 2013

A Curb Appeal Weekend

Hello my dearests! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Matthew and I finally got to spend a low-key weekend by the house, and we loved every minute of it. Well there was one snag, but that requires a whole new post. But onto my favorite moment of the weekend, right here my friends. I bring you Rocks!!! Yes rocks. Lemme splain'.

So basically, we have this ugly ditch in our front yard. For inner-city homes in Houston this is really common, you just gotta give them some love and pretty them up.  Since this curb appeal project has been on our to-do list since we moved in, we decided it was time to dig in. Literally.  So nine months later we get to check the box! Heck yes!

The details: We went to Yale Stone down the block, bought "pavers" as Spence would call them, and then one yard of this black/gray stone. 

 They came by to drop it off, which was our favorite part. Happy hubs right there! 

And then we (as in Matt and Spence) leveled the area and shoveled the rocks into place. 

I got to stand-by and play with little Miss Presley (our neighbor) as Spencer helped Matt. 

And here is the final result!

Now if only my vines would hurry up and grow! Anybody else into curb appeal lately? With summer it's always on my mind!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Memorial Day weekend was..

Awhile ago, but apparently I wrote this post and forgot to hit publish. So here it goes... be back soon with my whereabouts... :)


The long weekend was great, and very welcomed in our household. After a crazy three weeks at work, I needed some down time with my Matthew. I equally needed time to get the house back in order. Does anyone feel like that one extra day helps so much??

Anyways, we tended to errands, like trekking out to Costco and buying oh about 6 months worth of groceries!

Then we zipped out to Julie and Josh's wedding.

Josh is a fireman, so her garter toss looked something like this! Ha!


Congrats you two!

Then it was time for some late night bowling with the fam. We showed up in our snazzy wedding wear!

And then it was all about hitting the trails! We had two rides this weekend, one into town for some burgers...

 Then one up and down the Galveston Seawall for a total of 15 miles! If you are from the Houston area - we started at the seawall and 89th street.. then made our way all the way down.

We made some fun stops along the way too.

I'm just loving all the bike riding that has been going down lately.

Toodles my friends!

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