Friday, April 13, 2012


I had a honeymoon post planned but Miss Kristen tagged me! I’m a dork and have been waiting to be to do an 'about me post' so here it goes:

1. I’m from the Suburbs of Houston

2. I went to the University of Texas, HOOK EM 

3. My mom is from Venezuela, and my dad is from Trinidad, which makes me a .. mut. BUT I love that I’m a lil’ bit different. It’s also really fun watching people guess my heritage. It’s practically impossible.

4. I’m OBSESSED with Ms. Britney Spears. I even dressed like her one time.

5. I’m getting Married in about 5 Weeks.

6. Our honeymoon is booked, but I have no idea where we are going.

7. I’m very impulsive. I think at about the age of 22 I realized I had to change my crazy ways if I didn’t want to end up living in a box. Ok that’s drastic. But yea.

8. I’m somewhat cheap.

9. I drink Starbucks almost every day. I realized that my consumption directly correlates with my mood.

10. I have ‘ATX’ in white ink tattoo’ed on my wrist to commemerate the 7 years I spent in Austin, TX. It is hardly visible now.

11. Matt and I did the ‘long distance’ relationship for 2 years.

NOW for the questions::

1. If you could have a super power what would it be?
To stop time!

I'm the ultimate procrastinator - I think about things so much before I take action and sometimes I think "if I just had one more day that could have been ten times better." Or I also find myself saying, If I just had three more hours to sleep I could conquer the world today. To fight this procrastinator habit I tell myself to give myself 3 times more time than I think it will take. I still stress myself out to the max on deadlines.
Bad Tessy, Bad Tessy.

2. If you could invent a new ben&jerry's ice cream flavor what would it be called and what would be in it?

Um. Starbucks low fat kind? The Diet coke kind? Yea I don't like ice cream much but I love me some Fro yo! And I’m clearly addicted to caffeine if you couldn’t tell already.

3. What is the scariest thing you have ever done?
I guess sky dive. But public speaking is way scarier to me so id say giving the benediction prayer at my high school graduation. I wanted to pass out and felt like I had to pee the whole time, and had to sit through oh about 800 people get their name called prior. It was awesome.

4. What does your cellphone cover look like?
I don't have one! I took it off bc it was getting all crusty and shizz and have yet to replace it. But I have dropped my phone three times since I removed this cover, and think It’s about a day away from totally shutting off on me. Seriously, it vibrates when no one is calling. Thing’s gotta mind of it’s own.

5. What is your favorite thing to pin on Pinterest?
Clothes, clothes, clothes. In my former life I swear I was a wealthy shopaholic. Now I just pretend. Thank you pinterest.

6. If you could pack up and move anywhere for an entire year where would you go?
Croatia. I've been dying to visit this gem of city for so long.

Where are you most comfortable?
In my car. I pretty much blast my music and sing at the top of my lungs. I tend to fall in love with one song and listen to it on repeat, thus I never listen to the radio. Then I’m always the last one to the know the latest radio hit and Emily always laughs at me.

[me at a karaoke bar]
8. Do you like your job?
Fo shizzle. (I hope my boss is reading..)

9. Do you plan any musical instruments?
No but I want to learn!!!! I’m so sad I don’t. I think it’d be a awesome to be a keyboardist.

10. What is your favorite go-to snack food?
Crackers and low fat cottage cheese. I’m not a diet freak I just don’t like milk and prefer any dairy in the diluted low fat form.

11. What is your dream car?

A white Mercedes. B Spears style Ya’ll. What? I told you I loved her already.


Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

Heck ya B spears is our girl! I love you that's all!!!! said...

I love all our britney adventures and can't wait for more!!

Kaity said...

It's funny that I just now found your blog...we have so many blog friends in common! Looking forward to watching your wedding plans evolve...I'm planning a 9/2/12 wedding, so you have a fellow bride-to-be to vent to if you ever feel the need :)

Much love!

Courtney said...

Tess!!! Just saw your guest post and we are wedding day twins so I had to come say hi. Well...I think we are. You said 35 days, so May 19?? Our day is getting so close I can believe it:)

Janna Renee said...

Since you love B. Spears, did you see how I was dressed when I got engaged?? I hear Austin is amazing! Your wedding is so close! That is so exciting <3

New Jersey Belle said...

ahh i love b spears, I remember doing a dance to "oops i did it again" with all the girls in my 2nd grade class. And fellow mutt here, it's always fun to have people guess what I am, my favorite is when they ask where do I go tanning. ( i'm black/dutch and native american. )

Tiffany said...

Just found your blog through all my twenties blog which I found through pink loulou's blog and omg! you're dad is from Trinidad! What a tiny world, I'm -from- Trinidad, and live IN Trinidad. Congratulations on your wedding! xx

Amanda Castro said...

I am in live with your blog! It is so well written and read friendly, not to mention beautiful!! I am a new blogger. I am currently going to UT Tyler and I too graduated from Mayde Creek in 2009. I found your blog through Marcie and Erica. I wanted to ask you what you majored in college? You really seem to love your job and have it all figured out! I would greatly appreciate your guidance or any advice. Also what do you do that you love your job so much (if you don't mind me asking). I really apologize if this is too forward or too personal!
Thank you!

Amanda Castro said...


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