Friday, August 31, 2012

It's moving day..

On last stop in gypsy land, as we leave our dirt cheap 3 month sublease and head back to the parentals til our townhouse is finished. Yay for almost moving into our house!! Booooooo for moving shit and suitcase livin'.

Moving to me means procrastinating and throwing all the crap you really want into a trash bag, and everything else, well just ends up in a dumpster somewhere. Moving to Matthew means packing everything into organized boxes and 'having a plan."

LOL. And on that note, happy Friday y'all! This girls got some stuff to move!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

GET in my mailbox!!! Fall nail polish

Heyy Ladies. Or gents. Thank god tomorrow is FRIDAY. I am seriously dragging ass. Probably because boot camp is kicking my ass. But that's a good thing! so I won't complain. I haven't lost too many LB's but I am hoping to tackle my diet next week and hopefully see results.
Moving right along. My current topic of interest, Fall nail colors.

I am currently rocking Ballet Slippers by Essie, one of my all time top 5 nail colors.

Also the 3rd bottle of polish I ever bought. Its the most amazing white for my skin color and I think I just might wear it until I feel like its safe to rock colors like these:

This is heading towards my mailbox!  I actually emailed julep to cancel my box for this month, and then they turned around and said we will give it to you for FRIZZLE. Which is Free if you don't get my ghettospeak. Which I was so excited about because I am seriously lusting after fall nail polish colors.

If you want to join the Julep party follow this link and get your own box for $.01!

I'm out!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How Pinteresting: Wedding Decor Revealed!

This is my second to last wedding post. I am pretty sure I am excited to finally be done with wedding recaps. I don't know why I feel like I have to recap it, but it sort of feels those last 15 thank-you notes I still need to write. Eeep. Sorry if you are one of those people!

But its time to be newlyweds, and enjoy our house and focus on all the things we want to do, like travel, decorate our house. ect, ect. ect. I also loathe not blogging in real time, so I am pretty excited to take this blog out of it's original 'wedding blog' space. This is already starting to sound like my last wedding post, but fear not - I have one more. I mean come on I know you aren't sick of my wedding already, right??

Read this post first, if you think I merged the two concepts :)
Overall, while looking back at original post about how pinterest inspired me, I kept the light peach and softened my blues. I switched out burlap with linen, because burlap is rustic and linen is beachy, and stuck with bucket centerpieces and lanterns for the nautical effect. All details are at the bottom. Enjoy!

Our wedding favors

[which I feel became decor somehow. It just added to our 'beachy / nautical theme' when people wore the glasses throughout.]

Our Flowers / Bucket Centerpieces / Linen runners / Lanterns

Craft Frames with linen and printables
[font - jenna sue]

dolphin ice sculpture

Our Cake and Cake Pops by Julies Cakes

And that's it I think. I went super crazy on being crafty, but I wish I had done more! This was by far my favorite part of the wedding that I wished I had spend more time and dinero on. If you care to know the details, I put them below!

  • Runners -We custom ordered the linen from JoAnn's fabric, and my sister sewed one stitch on 16 pieces of fabric. Then we peeled string by string from the stitch outwards get the frayed 'beach effect.'
  • Centerpieces - We primed and spray painted the buckets, then sanded them to get a 'beach wash.' all buckets and silver vases were purchased from Our lantern additions were purchased from which was significantly cheaper than Michael's.
  • Flowers - I chose dusty miller (the gray leaf) wheat and thistle to complement the standard roses and carnations. I felt the dusty miller gave the bouquets a washed out muted look, which was the modern element I wanted. I had seen it in so many modern floral arrangements. Paired with the thistle and wheat, It completed the soft, wildflower look I wanted. My only complaint is the dusty miller 'fell' early. I am sure there is a way to prevent that, and if you are interested in dusty miller I'd just ask about that ahead of time. Our flowers were done by J Maisel's Florist in Galveston and I was extremely pleased with them. they were one of my top vendors for sure.
  • Frames- All frames were painted with interior paint, and purchased from Michael's, except two white ones that we left as is. The interior paint started chipping, then we decided it looked 'distressed' and beachy. Then we started sanding other items to follow suit. Printables included "Just Married" "Thank You" 'Mr." "Mrs" "Eats" "Treats" "Drinks" and were created by Miss Kristen herself!
  • Cake - Cake pop stands were purchased from Michaels, and also painted with the interior paint of the frames. I chose a lemon cake with tiny fondant pieces to create an 'ombre' inspired cake. I opted to use three colors from our color scheme, instead of going ombre like I originally planned. The cake pops helped cut cost, since the intricate cake was $$$$.
Love love,

Monday, August 20, 2012

Trying for a White Houzz

Holy moly I haven't blogged since Tuesday. Where have I been?? I can hardly remember what I have been doing, but I can tell you what has been on my mind.  Interior paint color! I have been wanting a very 'fresh' white house, but seriously lacking the cahones to really go for it.

Then BOOM. I ran into this picture on (my latest obession).

Amazing right? so of course I rushed over to this amazing blog written by Maria, called Dreamy Whites. It's  all about her obsession with painting everything white. And furnishing everything in white. Ding ding ding. Talk about finding my soulmate y'all!

I scoured Maria's blog, and her take on dreamy whites  all saturday morning. She mixes a variety of light grays and shades of white to give her house the ultimate fresh look. I am not interior decorator, and this is pretty much my first rodeo in the house department, but  this woman is a genius. I totally had a blog moment where I thanked the lord about a dozen times for turning me onto blogging. Then  I thought.. hmm it's basically enabled me to obsess over things that should be simple. But that is not the point.

So off I went to buy paint samples, when mind you my builder already put 4 paint samples up for me to view. I picked up a few of Maria's top whites, and then a few I thought I might like. Here is what they looked like:

From left to right - SW Alabaster, RL Country Dairy, SW Greek Villa and BM White Dove
Time to take the plunge! And honestly I have no idea. Maybe I'll just flip a coin

Calling all paint afficianados out there, any opinion on these colors?

Paint and wood floor stain selections are due tomorrow, wish us luck!.ahh. 3-4 more weeks and this process will be done!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

That time I Said

I was going to bed early. But stayed up all night reading blogs. And didn't blog myself.
(in my Homer Simpson voice) DOUGHT!
I love all your blogs btw.
Oh and bootcamp was AWESOME.
[college tessy]



Sunday, August 12, 2012

I was born a ramblin' man..

 I don’t have much to say today except, bring on this week!!! 

I came home today and cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, did laundry, then actually folded the laundry and put it away (very big accomplishment), tackled the piles of clean and unfolded clothes from last week, 
tested out the new hana blowdryer, 
PACKED my gym bag for the WHOLE week, 
and caught up on some work emails to be ready for tomorrow.

My Sundays never go down like this, but this week is going to be BUSY, and I need to be ready for it. 
And no I did not see the Spice Girls perform. 
Actually, thank goodness the Olympics are over because I accomplished nothing while they were on.   
Oh and duh, CONGRATS JENNIFER ANISTON!!! You go glen coco #TeamAnistonforlife

Wish me luck in boot camp tomorrow night, I just hope I don’t pass out because it is taking place in the great outdoors, and no it is not starting to feel like fall in Texas.  
I haven’t worked out in three months. 
I drink 5 diet cokes a day. 
Holy moly I just pray I don't fall down.. 

Happy week to all! And very happy birthday to Miss Bargain Blonde!! 

( I warned you I was just rambling...)

I’m out.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How Pinteresting: Our Wedding Decor Part 1

Goodness, I have had so little time to blog. Work is crazy and we close on our house oh so soon. I am knee deep in paint swatches, tile inserts, carpet and wood stain colors.. you name it.. I'm frantically researching it. But more about the house later! Trust. I gots lots to show ya!

Onto my favorite parts of wedding planning... wedding decor. Which I realize I'm all out of order.. but honestly I'm just blogging as I feel like it! And all our house adventures have me feeling creative and crafty, so here are my decor recaps. Hope you likesss!

SO. Pinterest was created a few years ago, and there is NO doubt that it influenced our wedding decor. The problem with pinterest is you can easily become overwhelmed, and instead of getting anything accomplished you just stare at amazing professional pictures for hours. and hours. its pretty much the most amazing blog surfing you can partake in.

Now, this is great for the earlier stages of wedding planning. BUT very bad for productivity towards the end. SO, I made a concerted effort to stay off the damn site once I started picking a direction.

Initially, I fell in love with two types of weddings

The Nautical Wedding
This was my intial dream wedding, my 'blue and white' vision. It heavily influenced invitations, 
save-the-dates,  a blue engagement picture outfit. I loved the nautical lanterns on the table. I picked peach flowers with grayish leaves (called dusty miller)  with my florist early on, because I thought this would be my accent color to the blue and white.

But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed so harsh. Navy almost felt like black. I wanted 'soft' wedding photographs. And a navy bridesmaid dress?? That was just ... non existent it felt.. And then I fell in love with this wedding...

The Softer Romantic / Crafty Wedding

I was actually pretty confused. Which is nothing new, I always research to the ends of the earth, then narrow it down to two completely different concepts, then figure out a way to merge both things .. 
and voila end up with something.. well.. just different. It's hit or miss really.

So I searched and searched for a way to merge these two, and well, I found these two pictures and felt I could could somehow merge it all...
I'll be back soon with how it all turned out, but I need to create collages which takes
soooo long so hopefully soon.
And I did not link to any of those pictures on pinterest... because I downloaded them so, so long ago and don't have the time to go find them. So sorry to pinterest!!

Loves ya'll!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedding Week: The Ceremony

Yes it still wedding week. Apparently my idea to condense my wedding recaps into one week has now become two. And If I can't finish it by this week, I give up! Anywho.. here's our ceremony!
An interesting thing about the wedding process is the concept of time. There are moments when you feel that time is just creeping by, and you are like OMG just happen already! OK?? Can the day just be here? And moments where you think... "wait, just a few more minutes. Just 60 seconds."

Well this was one of those moments. If I a magic time wand, and could press the pause button I would have sat down in my dress, cried my eyes out, reapplied my make-up then walked up into to that church.

That's because Matthew had written a note for me at the church at the last minute. And then they handed it to me RIGHT before I walked in. It was the sweetest moment ever. I forgot what I did with the note afterwards, but it was the first thing I called my sister and asked her to track down when we got back from our honeymoon.

I love that our photographer got pictures of Matthew writing the note. And of me crying while reading it.


I was trying to pull it together as I walked down the aisle, but most of my friends told me they could tell
I was on the verge of tears. I guess it looks a little like a fish face? I am so glad they designate someone to walk you down. Thanks Pops! All that fishy face would be too hard by myself.

Once I made it to Matthew, everything was okay.

and we got to the part of the day where we forgot all of our lines...

flubbing our lines...
literally, we forgot what to say..
but everyone found it hilarious..and we finally got our act together
ok, ok get serious now..
muggin' down ..and now we did not talk about how we 'would kiss'
I love Matthew's fist pump lol
I gots myself a husband! Wowsers!!
lets party ya'll!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Healthy Train, choo chooo

Ok so I just have to take a break from wedding recaps and link up with my boo Kristen, and the hilarious Raven. Hell I don't even know if I'll ever finish these wedding recaps.  Well, you know how wedding stuff goes, you work out like a maniac, starve yourself, try every gimmick diet you've ever seen, (which here is a good one if you are looking for a 'cleanse').

All In My Twenties

Well sadly, since the wedding I have somehow gained 8-10 pounds, don't fit into my clothes very well, and am drinking venti starbucks and large diet cokes all day every day. Everything is just a little tighter it seems, and I am seriously lacking motivation. I'm also a bi-polar eater. I will eat egg whites and whole wheat toast sans butter, then end up at a mexi restaurant downing queso like H2O. The egg whites made me feel like I deserved queso? Maybe? lol.

So, to combat this extra poundage, and generally just get healthier, I signed up for a boot camp on groupon called 'The Lean Mean and Green" or something or other. I Actually bought this a long time ago, but since I am a 'groupon' holder our schedule is delayed. 

Check out my wedding body.. on the left..

yes my sink is a mess, and why didn't I touch up my make-up??
oh and there's my 'now' picture on the right. I know I won't ever get back to my wedding weight.. but I do hope to get back to normal!

My biggest goal to get out of this healthy inspiration is to meal plan, "eat clean" but also make my healthy meals matthew-friendly.  And just overall make our household healthier.

We shall see how it goes! Boot camp starts next Monday! I am prepared to die!

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