Monday, April 29, 2013

Say Anything

Not the band Say Anything, the break the ice blog post! I got a little quiet round these parts, and by a little quiet I mean three weeks and counting kinda quiet! The best way to unquiet myself is to say anything in this here space.

So. "Anything!"

In all honesty, sometimes I don't want to talk about myself, tweet, upload pictures, or do any of those blogger things. I just wanna live my little life, and ride my bike. Or plot to exterminate the locusts outside my window. But I always miss my blog friends! And I sure do want to tell you all about Coachella!! I'll be playing some catch up and stalking your blogs here in the near future.

And just because I needed a picture... My favorite picture from Indio California:

I officially love palm trees and want to plant them in my front yard. That wouldn't be weird at all for our town house in the city :)

Ill be back with a travel adventures recap soon. Love, love! Tessy

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bucket list: COACHELLA!

Last week I was super pumped about exploring San Francisco for a weekend. And then I saw my friends facebook post:

"Selling two Coachella tickets, second weekend,4-19/4-21" lemme know if you're interested"

And I said whattttt. I scrambled to find my iPhone calendar, and yes, that was the same exact weekend we were set to be in San Fran. Holy toledo, I texted Matt immediately. Then Kristen, who said "Text Chris the details" and BOOM.  Five minutes later we were booking our tickets to Coachella!!! Ok really it was like 48 hours, but you know same thing. We we're researching that shizz within 5 minutes!

It's funny because Chris and Kristen asked us time and time again if we want to go on trips, and we always said no for various reasons: saving to get engaged, then planning wedding which FYI ain't cheap! "oh, but we just got back from our honeymoon," "man we gotta save for a house," " but we're buying furniture," etc., etc., etc.
They had practically given up on us. and I don't blame them.

 And then for once we finally called them and said LET'S GO! Within 48 hours we booked the whole trip. Vacationing friends are the best of friends!

Now onto important things..

 Have any of you gone?? what did you wear?? Ahhh!

I love this look.. except I'm not blonde so that won't work..

how about this one! If you really know me, you know I love dresses..

  I also love these. Feminine and edgy, I could actually wear them again. Maybe.


I haven't even scratched the surface in my outfit research. Hippie hair bands, neon ensembles and face paint, here we come! And you best believe I'll be bargain shopping, Coachella ain't cheap!

If you have gone seriously let me know! I have so many questions! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Inspiration where art thou

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I’ve been thinking in a broader sense, what the heck am I supposed to do with my life.

Ok really, Tess? You’re 27, your quarter life crisis should really be over by now.

But apparently it’s not. I’m not running around like a chicken with head cut off, or partying my life away. Or worried that I am getting older. No thoughts of moving across the country with no plan and zero dollars. Been there done that. None of those irrational quarter life crisis moments. Those seem to be behind me. Just a simple, what is my purpose here? Where am I supposed to be going. And moreso, how do I get there? And I have to be completely honest here, while I can’t wait to one day become and mom and start a family, I don’t believe or want that to be my only purpose in life.

Unless I can get my kid on dance moms. In that case, I am fully willing to revolve my life around my child!  
Kidding asise, there is a 50% chance I just over thinking it all. I have a tendency to do that. But as I cruise around blog world I find other girls have the same questions. Shoot, other boys too.
Maybe I just need to shake things up. Who knows. I am in fact quite busy at the moment, but I guess I am not busy enough. Or busy with the right things. Anyhow.
I took to Pinterest to see if I could shake this little brain of mine, and find some inspiration. Shall we discuss?
This is where it became confusing. Quote #1.
So… aspire to nothing and accept everything as is. Hm.. basically stop thinking. I mean someone has it planned out anyway right? so why think? 
Notsofast crazypants. The complete opposite. DECIDE then go.
NOW Sir Winston Churchill says.. try to be perfect. I’m gonna have to say this one is definitely at odds with the two above. Most Definitely.
This was my definite favorite. Just throw some glitter and make it all ok!!!!!! Feeling down? Throw a glitter bomb. Feeling confused, again, Throw glitter. It’s all very Mariah Carey.
And then finally. A sign. Very supernatural of this photoshop designer.
And my favorite. Just jump off a cliff. Into a body of water of course. I mean why not?

Anybody else have these thoughts? that’s my crazy brain for the day. Happy weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm going back to Cali, Cali

It's official, Our flights are booked, and we're headed to California! I'm off for a work trip and Matthew will meet me in San Fransciscooo for the weekend. And since I am traveling to CA, I finally have an excuse to tell you allll about my California Adventures.

You see, I lived in California Once. I've kinda got a soft spot for the crazy place.

My dad drove me all the way there, and Emily came too. This was my "we're finally here picture!"

I was also 20 lbs lighter. Kidding, kidding haha.
Not reallyy, but moving on.

My dad took off about as soon as I could say Cowabunga. And Emily? She stuck around for a few days like a good friend should. And then it was just me out in the big scary world. Okayyy, Okayy, not really. I actually went for a school program called UTLA, met some rad people and friends I still talk to occasionally.
Now why did I Move to LA? Oh just a Texas girl with big dreams. I wanted to be an entertainment publicist. I listened to a lot of Feist.. I saw a handful of celebrities. Like Heidi Montag at the DMV!
They’re really just like US! Lololol
 I even couch crashed lived with this girl for 6 weeks. And now she's famous. Doesn't even remember me I bet!]

I also got this weird haircut, you know, to fit in better.
It only looked good in a ponytail. I sighed a lot.
Did I ever find my dream job? Nope.  Should I have tried harder to find elusive dream job? Maybe. Did I find Britney Spears, BIG FAT negative!! Was it worth it? Hell yes.  I wouldn't change the humbling experience for the world. And as I head back, I might get a little nostalgic.

Cause I'm going back to Cali, Cali.  I'm back to Cali. Bom bom bom.

Los Angeles and San Fransisco, here we come!!

Helene in Between

Toodles ya'll.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter weekend

Too bad Easter no longer involves a 4 day weekend. And I totally boycotted any decoration projects this year. You know, just saving up all my creative energy until I start growing humans. But nonetheless it was a pretty cool weekend.

We saw Em and Stan- cute little newlyweds - on Friday. Car shopped til we dropped on Saturday.

Then went to church just Matt and I on Sunday. Lemme tell you, going to church on a holiday, just you and and your hubby? That made me feel all sorts of married and grown up my friends. Then we shot over to Karen and Tommy's for a Easter celebration.

My sis-in-law Steph looks great and is expecting baby boy #3 in a few weeks. It amazes me that she has worked out through her entire pregnancy.

And my photog pro sister-in-law Ree gave me some points and tips on using my camera. I have a Nikon 3200 and still have yet to take a class. I learned more with her 15 minute lesson than spending hours reading a manual. She found my aperture knob, shutter speed dial and taught me a thing or two about white balance. Of course I can't repeat any of it because I've already forgot :)

And here are two pictures I took in Manual. *GASP*

I'm totally evil for taking this but he's just so cute I couldn't help myself

Getting 8 kids into one picture.... not so easy.  Figuring out how to take a picture indoors with bad lighting? Also not easy.

Hands down the best part of my weekend was finding my frozen wedding cake. I thought it ended up in a trash can but no, no, my mother-in-law has had the entire time. Can't wait to shove it in Matt's face next month :) Over and out my friends !
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