Monday, March 16, 2015

Coral Bear | 6 months

AHHH! My favorite age so far. You are sitting up much better, not completely stable yet tho. You are way more into toys nowadays, so it's much easier to occupy you at home. You love jumpers, your pretend cell phone, this water bottle with noodles inside that I made for you. You are pretty attached to mama, although you generally love everyone! You just want me close while you explore. 
We all survived mom and dad's first vacation to mexico. I was having serious wrist pain, and overall just stressed about the whole ordeal but it's so true when they say you really need vacation. 
And you really, really want to crawl. You can get up on all fours as of 3/14/15. You love books, and getting out of the house. You still pitch a fit over getting dressed, and the after bath routine of lotion and the works. 
You are too precious for words. I know I am biased as heck, but I find you to be the most adorable little girl! You have a huge smile on your face all the time. 

Mommy wants to end co-sleeping, but doesn't think you'll comply. I can not handle the dark days of no sleep again (3.5-5.5 months for Coral). So we shall see how this goes in the next month or two. Who knows, makes you'll just sleep with us til you're  four! Ha. Psyche. 

Love you so much Coral bear. 

Coral Bear | 5 months

This little cutie starting sleeping through the night a few weeks after she turned 5 months. Grandma had you overnight a few days before Valentine's as "practice" and she didn't feed you. We never fed you in the night again. We did have a few weeks of you still waking up quite a bit, especially with you attempting to crawl? But you found your tummy sleep position,  and that was the beginning of sleep. It did take a little time for me to trust you on your tummy, but once I did boy was it nice! Amen! 

Still co- sleeping, and 100% formula starting at 5 months. Mama felt like a human again! Quitting BF was a huge game changer for me. 

Our little social butterfly: You love to go out and meet new people. People always comment on how sweet you are when out, and how great you do with strangers. I hope this never changes! In fact you prefer being out and about over staying home. Overall you are a very happy baby during the day, it's just the nights that can be a toss up :) 

You really are becoming interested in books. You love bath time, car rides, naps in strollers, jumpers, your wub a nub, purées - carrots, pears and apples, and co sleeping. My goodness you love our sleeping arrangment! Lol. 

You hate getting dressed.  

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