Monday, March 16, 2015

Coral Bear | 5 months

This little cutie starting sleeping through the night a few weeks after she turned 5 months. Grandma had you overnight a few days before Valentine's as "practice" and she didn't feed you. We never fed you in the night again. We did have a few weeks of you still waking up quite a bit, especially with you attempting to crawl? But you found your tummy sleep position,  and that was the beginning of sleep. It did take a little time for me to trust you on your tummy, but once I did boy was it nice! Amen! 

Still co- sleeping, and 100% formula starting at 5 months. Mama felt like a human again! Quitting BF was a huge game changer for me. 

Our little social butterfly: You love to go out and meet new people. People always comment on how sweet you are when out, and how great you do with strangers. I hope this never changes! In fact you prefer being out and about over staying home. Overall you are a very happy baby during the day, it's just the nights that can be a toss up :) 

You really are becoming interested in books. You love bath time, car rides, naps in strollers, jumpers, your wub a nub, purées - carrots, pears and apples, and co sleeping. My goodness you love our sleeping arrangment! Lol. 

You hate getting dressed.  

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