Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thanks Ya'll

Thank you guys for your encouraging comments on my last post. While my blog has never blown up or become huge (I wish), I will always love the friendships I have made, and endless stories I have read because they helped me in my own specific situation.

Coral and I had a great day yesterday. I was off for MLK day, and it was so nice to just be with Coral all day, to really spend every minute with her and not feel rushed to do this or that. She was so sweet to me, and I could tell how happy she was to be with mommy. I got to sleep in a little bit, didn’t get dressed til 10 am (holler!) so her requests for more attention didn’t wear on me. I feel so terrible, but it’s just a fact of life. You come home from work and your patience levels are just lower than they should be as a mom!  She’s also finding her feet right now, and I got to soak in all that yumminess. It’s just the most adorable thing to watch a baby suck on their toes!  Proof below!
Just a tinsy sleep update: Coral’s sleep has gotten better. We aren’t cured and magically getting sleep, and sometimes it’s a total toss up and we feel like we are back at step 1 (Like last night LOL). We don’t know why Coral has so much trouble staying asleep certain nights, but I definitely rearranged her, or put her pacificer in her mouth about 5-6 times last night to keep her down. Throw in a feeding at 3:15 a.m., a diaper change and we’ve got one exhausted working mama! We are going back and forth about sleep training, and decided to wait a while before we do anything in that arena. I am also going to have my mom start letting her fall asleep unassisted for naps, and approach sleep training in a gradual way. Let grandma do the heavy lifting if you will! Removing me from sleep training as much as possible is A-Okay for me!

And that’s all I got lovaaaas. 
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Curly Girl Confessions said...

Bless y'all! We know the feeling. Just remember - some babies aren't good sleepers. ;)

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