Monday, July 21, 2014

When your husband goes out of town..

You call your mom and have a weekend long sleepover! Omgah, hanging with your mom who will take care of you when you are uber pregs= heaven. She drove me around to run all my errands, stopped at the donut shop for me, not once, but twice. Chaffeuring at this stage of pregnancy is highly appreciated.

You make it through buy buy baby and babies r' us trips to return items and check out new items. Sidenote: I can't get my pinks to match and its driving me bananas. End sidenote.

You have a successful trip to ikea, even if only for few nursery knick knacks. EVEN despite the masses of people. One look at this line and my husband would have said: "I'm out. Buy this crap online." 

You also get to eat healthy. With the exception of the donuts, I was in serious eat high protein, low fat and lots of veggies mode. Somewhere in my third trimester, I turned into a junk food monster - at the delight of my husband. I was ready to get a hold of myself, and my mommy helped me with just that. Especially since she's all gluten - free and stuff! 

And you make it to the pool for a bare bump tan with some great support! No picture here. #notbraveenough 

And my favorite part of the weekend? I erased my Instagram app and hardly touched my phone to look at social media. Now that, is a cleanse my friends! Try it. You won't regret it. 

Happy Monday peeps.  


Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

Sounds like a super fun weekend!! I'm jealous that you have an Ikea so close! Ours is an hour or more away!!

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

sounds like a great weekend!!

Jamie said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Alisa Marie said...

OMG - I had weekends like that with my mom when I was preggo too! They are the best! I refuse to go to IKEA on weekends anymore, that place is horrible!!

BLovedBoston said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend with your mom!! There is really nothing like spending quality time with your mama!

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