Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Maternity Picture Planning

Top of the morning! Today I am 36 weeks, and I head to the Dr. for my first exam. I leave that vague purposely. If you've been preggers, you know what that means. If not, then ignorance is bliss! 

We also take our maternity pictures later this afternoon. Now these pictures have been stressing me out. Any photo session stresses me really. But at 36 weeks prego? I'm huge and rocking some serious bags under my eyes! I am ultra prepared tho, have a shot list, and tons of props. This isn't like me, but the shoot has been rescheduled twice. My favorite part about the shoot is my flower crown! 
Now a little bit about the shoot, we are using Chesney Layne- a Houston-based photog who just shot my bestie's announcement pictures.

I have been waiting for Emily to tell the interwebz she's prego for about 6 weeks! We've been gabbing baby all day, every day for a while. "Did you see so and so is prego!?" "She's having a girl!" "What do you think of this bedding?" We go on and on. So now that that cat is out of the bag, a big congratulations to her and Stan! She's going to be the cutest pregnant girl. 

So back to the session. We are going for a lifestyle or "at home" maternity session. I've always wanted maternity pictures at home and in comfy clothes. Pregnancy is very much about the home in my opinion, and we have some great plans to capture this. But Chesney also suggested recreating the lifestyle shoot outside, with props and all this cool jazziness, turning my at home concept right on its head. I'm excited! And hope a picture or two hides my double chin! Now I must get some sleep. 

Oh, and if you are wondering how I'm feeling ... My standard response is "hanging in there!" ... Aka I'm slightly exhausted and getting through the day is kinda painful. 4 weeks people, 4 weeks! 

Tata lovas. And thanks for the comments on my last post! This girl needed some empathy! 

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