Monday, November 3, 2014

2 months

Stats: 11 lbs. 10 oz. (65%) 23.5 inches (93%) and head circumference of 15.25 inches. Mostly Size 3-6 months in clothes, although we can still squeeze into 0-3 if we must. Size 1 diapers, but not for much longer I'm afraid! 

Feeding: Coral is still exclusively breast fed/ bottle fed breast milk. She's down to 7 feedings a day (a la babywise). She gets a daily bottle during the last feeding of the day (930 pm ish) with daddy. This feeding seems to be getting earlier and earlierr (her request) and we hope it gets elimated soon. 

Likes: playtime! Coral really enjoys being put down for 30 min spurts to enjoy her activity mats, the swing, and most recently TV! She loves the lights. She likes napping in her jogging stroller, and sleeping near mommy and daddy. She really likes her grandma and nana. And oddly enough, is usually very content on her changing table. Still loving the newborn boppy lounger too. The car if it's in motion. Staring at things. 

Dislikes: the car if it's not in motion, Sleeping or waking up alone. Sleeping on her back. (We are clearly having sleep problems!) When I mess up her midday nap (drama queen alert), and being put down when she's tired. Being swaddled. 

Sleep: well, I never thought id find myself saying this, but we are flirting with co- sleeping. Coral falls asleep in our bed around 10 pm and we move her to her boppy lounger when she's out cold. After she wakes up around 4/5 am she either is still sleepy enough to go back in the lounger, or comes into bed with us til 730 am. Trust me, it's not ideal! But baby girl really hates sleeping by herself, and we all get good sleep this way. We have a nap routine and coral is doing great with eat, play, sleep so I'm pretty happy with those items. Overall, I'm happy with our sleep. 

-week 5 she started stringing syllables like al-goo. Very chatty girl!
-week 5- first time to go for a six hour stretch from feeding to feeding 
-week 5- started reaching for things 
-sucking on her fingers 
-grunted on Halloween 
-week 6- discovered patterns (leap 2) 
-recognizes people other than mommy and daddy 
-she can track an object but rarely does it. Unless that object is me :) 
Week 8- mom and dad's first date night 
-she whimpers when she wants us to put her to sleep 
-Halloween! She was a fish and we wore fishing shirts! 
How mom/dad are doing: 
- I actively tried to implement a schedule this month. It started in week 6, fell apart in week 7, then one really emerged in week 8. Crazy stuff. I'm sure it will change soon! 
- soooooo. This month was a lot harder for me because I stopped running on adrenaline and the newness wore off. I started to really feel the effects of sleep deprivation if ya know what I mean. This motivated me to get on a schedule, which has helped us all tremendously! 
-we survived our 2 months shots! 
- I'm becoming more lax about germs and going in public 
- we went on our first date! We were so worried about her the whole time tho lol. She did wonderful with grandma.  We were kind of sad that she didn't miss us! 
-week 7 was really tough because coral sleep regressed, but the wonder weeks books reallllly helped me understand what she was going through. According to the book, Coral went through leap 2 in her mental development. I can't recommend this book enough!  

That was a lot. Phew. And I still need to write her 1 month as a catch up. 


Darby Hawley said...

Good job mama!!!! Sounds like things are going really really well! It's tough getting things going but you're doing a great job; you're the perfect mama for Miss Coral!

StephTheBookworm said...

She is so cute. I love her Halloween costume!

brittany @ g squared said...

Norah sleeps like a champ in her crib till about 5am then we let her in the bed with us too! Never thought I'd do such a thing but I swear she cannt sleep past that time without us it seems.

brittany @ g squared said...

Ps did you get the wonder weeks app? I don't have the book but the app is awesome.

Carolyn said...

Happy two months Coral! And mommy!! :) She's so precious!!!! Yay for schedules!! Hopefully the sleeping thing gets easier for you!

Amanda said...

Love the second photo haha! Rea slept in her swing at night until 3 months lol so do whatever works best for yall!

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