Thursday, May 10, 2012

Honeymoon Fever

AHOYY mates! 
So one of the most lovable people I know, Miss Kristen, wrote a post about all her preparation fever, ie. she wants to
plan a wedding, pretend she's having baby, buy a house fever.  
BUT only 'prepare for these things' not actually have them.
So I thought I'd write a nice lil' follow up post. 
and It's called, well you're thinking, duh Tess we read the title, 'Honeymoon Fever.' 
Now why do I have honeymoon fever? Well folks, if you are new around here, I am in fact about to  get hitched and go on our honeymoon.
  sidenote: I still have no idea where we are going..

BUT that's not the point of this post.
The point is: I have the opposite of Kristen's preparation fever. I'm so done with preparing!

We've bought a house and planned a wedding in six months and this b just wants to relax!
I read everyone's posts about watching TV, drinking, SHOPPING, going to the river, making coolers, and I admit I'm slightly jealous of being able to just 'hang.' So. Wedding, I love you, but I am very glad you are almost here.

 I want to Marry Matthew, have a huge party, thennnnn take one big dose of relax. Then SLEEP. Like the I'm-so-tired I drooled all over myself kind of sleep.

and since my wedding is, I don't even know, somewhere in singles-digits-days away.. I won't get any sleep. That's right, apparently you get no sleep before your wedding. Why doesn't anyone tell you that!?!

So dearest Honeymoon, get here already! I can't wait to figure out where you are!

Now I did buy this in preparation for the honeymoon:
The "Gorgeous" push-up by Vicky S  - it has the perfect amount of umph to it.
 Not too much padding and just enough to get the job done.

Too bad I don't actually look like this.  There's only so much a girl can do ya know?

Now back to my to-do list that is OOC - aka OUT-OF-CONTROL.

Blogworld, I love you more than ever, and promise to give back the lurrrve here soon.
When I'm not up to my eyeballs in stuff to do.
 Over and out.


Hilary said...

I hear ya! At the end of my wedding planning, I was over it... it's exhausting! We didn't plan a honeymoon until like a week ahead of time. And it just included sun, sand, and drinks. That's all.

Valerie Griffin said...

i loved our honeymoon more than the wedding! so much fun to spend a week away with your HUSBAND :)

Marci @ a smile a day said...

Almost time love :) getting excited!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

you have SUCH a cute blog!! happy wedding planning!! it goes so fast... just try to enjoy it :)

Carolyn said...

I totally understand this! I was so ready for our wedding to get here! Don't worry though... it'll get here in no time and then you'll be married and on your honeymoon! YAY! :)

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

I'm sooo ready to dance alll night long!!!

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