Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'll Be Expecting a Thank You Note

Hello little suburbanites!!

Our sweet bride Tess is off somewhere in the Caribbean sippin cocktails layin in the sun.

Lucky B!

So today Im here to take over her little space!!

In case you dont know me Im Kristen.

I run this little space on our WWW called All In My Twenties!

You can find me there daily chatting about my crazy life with two sweet pups, my long distance boyfriend and anything else I wish to share.

Warning:: If you dont like bluntness, are not keen to the honest truth or are a prude, you should prob refrain from visiting because I without doubt will offend you! If youre down for all the above, swing on by and stay a while.

First I should state that my lady Tess was a BREATHTAKING bride!!

 Like an idiot... Monday I blogged like I would any other day and posted about my weekend aka the first half of the wedding, only to realize that Tess is a BLOGGER and would probably like to blog about HER wedding before I do. Dont worry the 2nd post is the best and it will not be posted before a full recap has been made by Mrs. Tess herself!! And who are we kidding, the brides recap is ALWAYS the BEST!! Sorry Boo!

So back to today...

Today we are going to talk about my current OBSESSION.


No not 50 Cent!

Im talking Fifty as in Christian Grey via The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy!

Ladies, words can describe my love for these books. If you havent read them, you should! And Im going to go ahead and say that they are in fact softcore porn. But lets be serious here, as long as you arent a nun, YOU WILL LIKE THEM. Scratch that, you will LOVE them! There is an amazing love story intertwined and you end up loving the characters as much as all the sexy time!

Ive said this on my blog when I first introduced the trilogy to my readers and Ill say again here, because its oh so true. If youre trying to get pregnant, this book will get you into action quickly and frequently! If youre in need of a lusty kinky love story that will fill your secret trampy side this will do the job. And if you in fact read this on your lunch break at work I suggest taking spare undies! Truth.

Im only half way through the second book and it keeps getting better so if something tragic happend in the end DONT TELL ME ON THIS POST!! I need to read that shit for myself!

Its been rumored that they want to make a movie out of the trilogy and Im going to go ahead a say that I will in fact be seeing it. Im sure it will be in a X rated theater and please rest assured that I will bring a piece of plastic to put dont on the seat. Those places cant be clean. I just dont see how they are going to convert it into a regular movie!

Okay. Enough from me! Go get the books and READ THEM!!

And Ill be expectiing a "Thank you" note from all of your significant others!! I kid you not, my friend at work told me last week, "Those books go me laid for 3 weeks straight!" You your husbands/BFs are welcome!!

I'll out!


Carolyn said...

OMG! Love that pic of Tess! SO cute!! Those books are SO GOOD! HAHA I can't wait to see what kind of movie they make out of them!

Hilary said...

Love this! I have seen stuff about FIFTY every.freaking.where lately. I went ahead and ordered the first having no clue what they were about. Yup, I was pretty stoked to read 'erotic romance' on it. And getting preg would be a benefit too!

Monica said...

Haha Great post! I love the Books LOVE THEM so far. I have heard so many negative reviews and people are getting so up in arms about it. If you don't like the dirty romance books then just don't read them!

Amber said...

I am obsessed with Christian is becoming a problem. My hubby woke up at midnight last night to see me still reading. He was like well I guess those dirty books really are good. I was like go back to sleep bish, I will wake you when you are needed. lol

Marci @ a smile a day said...

Lol Kristen you crack my shit up!!! They are pretty damn good! Taking it to the golf course the other day was not the greatest idea...all dudes know what they are & made sure to call me out!!! I looked like a freakkkk I'm sure!

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