Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy, Happy Joy Joy

Hola Mi Amigas, It's Friday and I am such a fabulous mood! I'm posting  my Friday Faves, even tho I just realized that Friday Faves might not be going going down since BB is in a car somewhere headed west today. I had written the post, so I'll just post it anyway!
Numero Uno on my faves list... My future Kitchen has got me swooning! 

 I wanted a very white and contemporary kitchen, and its the only place in the house that in my imaginary mind of a perfect house, I don't think I made any error. if You dont like white kitchens, obviously we have differing opinions. I wanted to show you a picture of it complete, but I am so darn excited I had to post. I think I’ve dropped my perfectionism too J  I have accepted that there are other parts of the house that might need a tweak or two, but thats okay! AND I have limited myself to how many times I visit the house, and have generally woosah'ed about the stress. Bring on closing!

Item number two... Once a week starting next week we'll be seeing my girl Brit Brit on the Tube. Girl hasn't been on tv since I was a teen. And NO, crying interviews do not count. I'm freaking stoked!!! And she has a new song coming out soon. Double ya!

Number three.. I'll be shopping all day with mama for decor related house things tomorrow!
shop tils we DROP - My favorite thing to do! and Matt will be out in Galveston fishin' his little life away so it will be interuption free. I tried this last weekend with him in tow, and yea we just ended up eating Mexi food and heading home after about 1 hour. Yea. That's how he rolls.

I am helping host a baby shower for this girl on Sunday. I get to see all my girls, and shower this mom-to-be with presents! We are all so excited for Baby Boy Garcia!

And finally, next week I will be on my old stomping grounds, Austin, TX for almost a whole week for a work training. But of course I'll be hanging out with my little little munchkins and My bff after hours.
Clearly all the exclamation points mean I have had  too much caffeine, but I'll take it! I am ready to get my girl time weekend on! Happy Friday Peeps.


Raquel said...

Love your kitchen!! It's going to look amazing when it's all done!

Amber said...

Your kitchen is looking fab girl! I know you can't wait for it to be finished. Have fun shopping tomorrow, I hope you find some great things for your house

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

Love the kitchen!!! Yess lets have weekly watch parties.

Carolyn said...

OMG! Your kitchen looks SO GOOD! Love it! :)

Tennille said...

Your kitchen is beautiful... and so big!!!

Shayna said...

Your kitchen looks awesome! Love it!!! Have fun shopping this weekend!!!

Hilary said...

GORGEOUS!! I love it. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Erin said...

So beautiful - love the kitchen!!
Just found your blog randomly and so glad I did - love your style :) Now following via GFC :)


shay said...

Love the kitchen so far! So excited to see the finished house!

Kaity said...

I nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)

Valerie Griffin said...

Loving the kitchen!!!!

Kristina Guilbeau said...

Tess that kitchen is a dream! So beautiful :)

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