Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random thoughts about Fashion Bloggers

I would link up with inspire me healthy today, but that would be a horrendous truth stretch (aka lie) to say anything healthy has been going down around these parts. I decided that until I get settled into one area, am not living out of a suitcase, have my own kitchen and frig again, that I will just hold off on all health plans.

These all sound like excuses. That's because they are :).
And really, I'm kind of ok with it. Still fat, but happy :). Ok not fat, but a tad unhealthy. I did try this 'cleanse' yesterday so I will let you know how that goes.

OK moving on. What I want to talk about today is fashion bloggers (FB's). And not an occasional outfit post here and there, intense fashion bloggers. It's NYFW so naturally FB's have piqued my interest. I'm all about flavor of the week over here, and this week media is clearly focused on fashion. So I've cruising the WWW on fashion blogger street.

Ok get to the point. My point is, err, question is: why do people hate on them so much? I mean I get that they stare at the floor a lot, and they always look abnormally perfect. Kinda like this:

But really, being photographed in random stance? Then posting it to the WWW? That's seems really hard. I'm so shy I could probably never be a FB. I'd be a terrible fashion blogger.

Sooo. I think what I'm saying here is, Fashion Bloggers's: I really like you.  You have some guts and in turn I you've def earned my respect. (I mean who am I? but at least I won't contribute to shamepuff, a horrid site all about hating on FB's). I myself am not a fashion blogger, so of course my fave reads will always be more personal in nature, but I still enjoy looking at and reading a FB here and there. And people who hate FB's? Well really that's just not nice. Don't hate, appreciate. Then congratulate. The end.

And thats my randomsauce for the day!


Amanda Nicole said...

Haha, I love this. SO many bloggers hate fashion bloggers. I don't mind them. I just sometimes don't like when some of them look like they haven't showered in days and wear 14 different patterns all together. There are a lot of fabulous FB though.

Faith said...

Amen! Completely agree. I love fashion bloggers!

Hilary said...

I could NEVER be a FB either... seriously, I get all shy just taking a pic of hubby and myself together in public {don't ask why - i have no clue}

Jenny Beth said...

I wouldnt want to ask anyone to take a pic of me modeling my outfit. Awkward. Plus all I could model would be scrubs.

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