Friday, October 19, 2012

Letters on Friday

Hi Dears, I have had the craziest morning and I can not wait to start this weekend.


I know I’ve been missing in action lately.. and then I always feel like I need a “Catch up” post but whatevers I’m just skipping over that biznazz! I took a much needed break, which was actually blogger-guilt-free…errr until last night when my husband turned to me with a sad face “baby you don’t blog anymore.” And I realized, It's time wake up from this social media coma I having been livin in.

So here it goes with Friday Letters.

Dear Matthew, Thank you for being so incredibly patient with me. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky with such a sweet man who *most of the time* quietly waits out my craziness. Love you bear, bear, bear.

Dear Football season,  I hate you already (minus the Texans). I want my husband back!

Dear House, please fill yourself up with furniture. Furniture shopping is so much fun, until I read the price tag and realize I’d rather be traveling than buying furniture!! It would be pretty cool if we could afford all this stuff from Restoration hardware...

Sadly, we can not. But in all seriousness, it echoes in our house… so we best gets to buying!!! and DIY'ing.

Dear Canon, thank you for sending me a new battery. And NO this isn’t a fancy camera, (I wish!) but at least I can resurrect my little point and shoot.

Dear bike, thank you for providing me with a mode of exercising I actually enjoy. Cruisin the new hood' has been one of my favorite things lately. Minus all that chafing shizz. Ouchie.

Love you guys, I'll be back with more deets on the house! Because yes, we finally closed. Only about 3 weeks ago. and I never blogged about it. *GASP*

How is everyone else doing on this wonderful Fall Friday???



Kait said...

You. Are. Alive! THANK GOD! Have missed you and was glad to see this today :) Love that bedroom from Restoration Hardware so if you convince them to give it to you, teach me your ways! XO

Carolyn said...

Welcome back! :) HAHA I can't wait to see the house! :)

Shayna said...

HA! I finally blogged for the first time today in 3 weeks! It's nice to take a break now & then! Glad you're back & congrats on closing on your house!!!

tell it to your neighbor! said...

That's funny! I just told Joseph and my Sister that I think I don't like football anymore. I want my husband back too. If I have a bad day, there's potential I'll chunk his phone! Can't wait to see your house!

Laura Darling said...

Congrats on the new house! have fun decorating! I have Restoration Hardware taste on an Ikea budget, but I still love decorating!

Ali W. said...

Just came across your blog. Love it. I am with you with the decorating-the-house thing. I feel like ours is so empty. It takes FOREVER. I went to the RH outlet last week. I wanted it all too.

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