Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Beauty is ON!!!

Hola My dears.
So, I'll just cut right to the chase. I haven't been feeling very pretty lately.

 Exhibit A:
and I am getting sick of it! Not that I'm some gorgeous person, OR looking for you tell me I'm pretty. But I have seriously been slacking in the beauty department as of late. SLACKING. I throw my hair in bun, pretend its a top knot, and get on my merry way. I haven't been shopping lately, and minus my bike rides I have hardly excercised - and guess what? *TADA* I have arrived to Frumpy land. And it's no fun place to be! 

So I am taking matters into my own hands, and going to the hair salon.
Well, I would never make a big deal out of a haircut, I mean - what the heck it’s just a hair cut.
But truly, I am terrified of cutting my hair and visit the hair peeps twice a year usually,
3 times on a good year, and I am venturing out EVEN more in the name of beauty and DYING my hair. Tomorrow. If you really knew me, you'd know that I rarely cut my hair.
And dying it??? Say what??? LIKE never. I almost joined weight watchers too. But it cost 65 bucks and I'm down with all that quite yet.

Maybe I can blame my beauty rut on all this new kitchen action?? Perhaps? Evidence below.

Speaking of kitchen..here she is! My new favorite place! (she needs a few primps but for the most party, is staying simple and white) She's come a long way since this picture!!

Over and out, love you guys! and GUESS What! Someone's Blogiversary is on Thursday!!! Something exciting coming (cough, cough, giveaway)


Lindsey said...

um your kitchen is amazing. I need to start counting points because I'm fat with a capitol F. Don't believe me? You should know that my LEGGINGS ... yes, leggings, keep rolling down because of my fat stomach rolls. I'm not kidding. When you are too big for stretch leggings, it's time for an intervention.

You look good. Oh and I've been here for almost 2 months now and for 2 months I keep saying I'm going to join this gym I drive by every night on my way home but I have yet to join. FML.

Katy M said...

You have the cutest kitchen ever!!! Lovesss it! Can't wait to see your new do, although you never look frumpy my dear! :)

Amber said...

Your kitchen is amazing! I can't wait to see how your hair turns out tomorrow. I am like you in the hair department - if I get a "cut" it is a trim, and I go way less than I need to...this girl hasn't seen any kind of hair coloring since Jr. High and I kinda like it like that. Spending less money on muh hair means more spending $$$ for me :)

Jeannette H said...

I feel like I hit these "ruts" too around the fall - I think it's the coziness of the season that makes you go "frump" mode? Just a guess. I love your kitchen!! Jealous.

Carolyn said...

Such a pretty kitchen! :) And good luck at your hair appointment!

Anonymous said...

Love your kitchen. It is some much fun getting everything all together.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that anonymous thing Aunt Betsy

livingchel said...

wow your kitchen is gorgeous. It makes me wish that I was renovating my kitchen this year.

Kait said...

"I put my hair in a bun and call it a top knot"..THIS IS MY LIFE! HAHA you look great girl and I can't wait to see your new hairrrr :)

Melinda said...

I Love your kitchen- so pretty!!


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