Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Top 12 of 2012

Really quickly, before the clock strikes 12 I gotta squeeze in my top 12 of 2012! I'm an NYE junkie and am super superstitious  so I am running around the house like a mad woman trying to get everything in order. Writing my resolutions, making sure the house is spic and span, throwing away clutter, EVERYthing I can to feel like I am starting the year off right! Obviously I stubbed my toe a few times this year, but who wants to hear about that right?? So here are my top 12, come back tomorrow for my resolutions!

###12. Finding this book - more about it tomorrow, but it has been such an inspiration about how to live life happier in each and every moment, everyday.

###11. Getting a camera this Christmas! I've been known to kidnap a camera, and have wanted one for YEARS. Mucho thanks to my Hubby.

###10. Getting hooked on Homeland the TV show. Being part of the cult audience is equally as fun as watching the show.
#9. Goodbye facebook, helllooooo Instagram! Enough said!

###8. Watching William & Kate! From the Olympics to their baby announcement, I can not get enough of this couple!

###7. Falling in LURVEE with Nail polish - me loves a new hobby, and I def found it this year. 

#####6. Buying our first real Christmas tree, first tree ever actually! And spending our first Christmas as married couple. Sappy I know, but its true. Christmas was extra exciting this year even tho I am not a christmasaholic! (And if you're paying attention that's the back of Carrie Matheson's head on the TV ;)

###5. Watching the Texans this season, even tho we kinda suck at the moment. It's still been a blast to see them have a 12-4 season.

###4. Making new friends, and cherishing the old ones too. I seriously love these girls to the moon and back. Kristin & Rachie keeping me young, 
and a large handful of close friends expanding their families, getting married and prego! I'm so excited to meet all these babies and see my bestie get married! 
Emmy is getting married next year!
Jenn is having a girl! Can't wait to meet Molly!

My sister -n-law is having another boy!
Baby Avery should be here any minute!

 Erika is having boy/girl twins and couldn't be any cuter!

3. Building our first house. It was definitely a labor of love - and one of the biggest projects of my life! I had my personal interior designer, my sister, on speed dial. I know she loved every minute of it too (hehe). I am having a blast to decorating and making this house a home with my boo.
Home tours in 2013 are on the agenda! 

##2. Dolphins on our honeymoon! Swimming with them and huggin' and kissin' too! our whole honeymoon really! I've never been so high on life - truly. Matthew did a great job and kept me surprised about the destination until we got to the airport. 

####1. And number one, no guessing here, getting married to Matthew. In the church of our dreams and exactly how we wanted it:  Near the water, laid back with a huge dance party!  And That it was!

Good bye 2012! It's been a big year! to 2013 being even bigger!!
Salud and good wishes to everyone!


Jenny Beth said...

I love th white kitchen!!! What kind of camera? I'm sooooo addicted to Instagram!

Claire Kiefer said...

You just may have been the prettiest bride EVER! Lots of my friends had babies this year too and it's so exciting celebrating with all of them. Happy New Year!

Raquel said...

What an amazing year for you! Happy new year!

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

You are too cute!! Love you. Happy new year. 2013 is going to be great.

Carolyn R said...

You had a great year!! :) Can't wait to see what exciting stuff happens in 2013!

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