Monday, June 18, 2012

Honeymoon: Part Dos

Top of the mornin'

Hope you had a great Father's Day, I would definitely say I am exhausted from driving all over TEXAS this weekend, but I'll get right to it!


So basically I die when I look at our pictures..and wonder when we will take our next vacation.

And then quickly realize we are buying a house and that won't be happening for some time. BOO.

But anyways.

Our resort looked like this.

 We would log in a few hours at the beach every day and it looked like this:


not too shabby right?

[I tried to photoshop my tummy..but realized I have no idea what I am doing.. I should prob just work out]

After laying around staring at the sun, I started getting reeeeal stir crazy. and if you know me, you know I can never sit still. And Matt and I decided, lets do some thangs! Well really, I decided to do some things, he groaned, and then would tell me he was glad I made him after each activity.

First up: Kayaking. The resort had them to rent for frizzle:

Paddling away!

the water was freakin a-maz-ing.

We Snorkeled. Alot.

We rode some horsies..which was HILARIOUS. I couldn't even do it on my own, I was that much of a wuss. I was totally that girl that had to be hooked up to the guide. Apparently I'm not the horse whisperer that I always thought I would be.

we got really crazy tan lines:

We ate so so so much delicious food. I'm not exaggerating.. DELISH....but really, I saw a few preggo girls on the resort... and I couldn't help but make a mental note that I'd totally be down to come here carrying a mini-me. Then I actually heard of this thing called a 'babymoon' ..where you essentially take a vacay before the bambino comes, and I'd for sure rec this place for this exact purpose. It was mega quiet, the food was to die for, and there obviously was plenty of it. I think the staff makes a special mission to send their guests home 7 lbs heavier. No freaking joke. 7 lbs. 7 pounds!!

We also saw a really cool Michael Jackson Tribute show:
I mean I think this guy even got a nose job like MJ's..

And we Karoaked. But I only have video. And its horrendous with a capital H. Just know that it involved B. Spears. And a song she sang a long time ago with the word 'sometime' in it.

Matt told me it was good, "babe you were great! you really had an attitude up there"
 But I found out the next morning that he lied. He really, really lied. lol.

and thats about all I will tell you!

So that's all I have for now. Pshh that was actually a lot, I hope you made it down this far. Tata loves!
Tomorrow I'll be guest posting for the lovely Mrs. Peters. So make sure to stop by manana!

and later this week: Xel-Ha Water Park Review

and some video of the cutest dolphins ever!

I just wanna go back!! *pouts and gets back to reality*


Carolyn said...

Looks absolutely perfect!!!! That food looks so good. I think the 7 lbs were worth it! HAHA :)

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

Sometimes I run Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night

am i right???? I want to see this video!

Sami said...

Pshh girl you are crazy! No need to photoshop that photo you look gorg and I love that bathing suit! That food looks delish and I am now hungry at 9:45 am :) I think you need to post this B.Spears video fo shoooo! Happy Monday :)

brynn said...

totally agree with absolutely do NOT need photoshop, you are gorg!!!


Raquel said...

Omg that looks like heaveennnnn! hahaha that picture of you riding the horse is too cute and funny!

Natalie said...

Looks gorgeous! Can I go even though there is no honeymoon or babymoon on my horizon. Mayeb I can go for a full moon!?

tara said...

Ahhh i am in major need of a beach vacay!!!

Lindsey Nicole said...

Post the video - post the video - post the video!! And yeah for guest posting for me...thanks a million!!!

Jamie said...

Wow. Irbid so gorgeous and the food looks amazing. I want to go!

Jamie said...

Sorry, I dot know what irbid is, stupid autocorrect. I meant "everything".

Erin said...

This. Looks. Fabulous.

Hilary said...

Karaoke! Ha - wish you had that video :) We went to Mexico for our honeymoon and did a lot of what you posted in pic 1. And eating... the food is the bomb. Gorgeous pics!

Holly @ Everydays a Holly-Day said...

I visited Riveria Maya in Mexico two years ago. I had an absolute BLAST and the water was amazing, I didn't however ride a horse, so jealous! I however, did kiss a dolphin and I think he liked it! LOL Your food looked amazing, mine was fairly good but I wouldn't venture on amazing. Great pics!

Oh and I'm a newer follower, Holly~ Please feel free to jump over to my blog and visit!

have a great week!


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