Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eloping + March Goals!

I'm here with my march goals! but I couldn't pass up a super cute surprise matrimony from a college friend. Isn't this announcement just adorable?! It's double the excitement!

I have quite a few friends expecting and I just get so excited for bump photos. If you're pregnant, I can almost guarantee you I'm watching ya!

back to those goals. Well just a few goals in particular. I've decided to narrow in on just three goals this month, putting all preceding goals on hold. Instead of running myself ragged then having a major crash (like right now.. I'm SO lazy these days), I am gonna give the good ol' focus a try.

Goal #1 one: figure out this space here. am I simply just blogging for a hobby? My hopes and desires for this space have been weighing on me lately, and I need to start doing and stop thinking. First up, re-design this space. Second up, write an about me (this makes me cringe). AND third up, sponsor a few blogs I really enjoy and would find to be a good fit. Fourth up is simple. Blog more. Less half written unpublished posts Tess! Just hit the darn publish button. One thing I've already done is start tracking my blog stats more in depth. I'm learning a lot just in this simple exercise.

Goal #2 - right after this Vegas trip get back on my eat less processed food and lose weight plan. (This was an NYE goal)

Goal #3 - I'm not quite ready to share. Sorry to be vague!

Goal # 4 - I know I said there were just three - but this is normal stuff. Sign up for 401k, check. Find a dr., dentist, Gyno. I never go to the doctor, and this needs to change asap!!!

Goals on hold - plan a big trip. Things are just too up in the air right now with the transition of Matthews job. I feel like we have been saying that forever, but we realistically need to wait until that Pans out. Finish decorating house - I'm in a good place right now and need a tinsy break. Take a photography and in design class: these are also on hold, but technically these were 2013 goals so I have a lot of time! I've thought of a new goal, which is to get active in our immediate community.

Phew! Goodness. I'm gonna try to forget about any goals not listed in 1-4, and Next year I think my 2014 goal might be "accept thyself as is." LOL. If you've made it to the bottom of this post, I heart you. And post any links to your own goals In the comments, I love to read what people are striving for!

Hugs, Tessy


shay said...

Goal 3...... so vague!! LOL now we're ALL curious ya know.

i've had your goal 1 on my list since i started my blog and still haven't figured it out. hahaha.

Good luck with your goals!

Carolyn said...

These are great goals... except #3! I want to know! HAHAHAHA! :)

Megan C said...

Congrats to your friend! I feel like everyone is expecting... including me!

Want to hear about Goal #3!

SHAYNA said...

That is such a cool way that your friend announced their elopement & expecting a baby! So cute!!! GOAL #3!?!?!

Glorysgirl said...

Thanks so much sweetie! And yes I can't believe how many of us are pregnant right now. Babies all around. *hint hint* :)

Kaara A said...

Ahhh I love your list ;) and what a super cute announcement!!! Congrats to your friend!

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