Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring is here!

It’s the First of March. Which can only mean one thing. It’s swimsuit season! 
Do not confuse my exclamation point for excitement. 
Swimsuit season to me means finding cute light tops, cute shorts, and avoiding getting in the pool at all costs. Ahem, I participated in a short yeast-free diet trial, you know to to avoid this problem, and actually lost 8 lbs. Hurray for 8lbs! 

Only one leeetle problem.. I never stepped foot in a gym. And you know that saying, skinny girls look good with clothes on.. fit girls look good naked? Yea well I am not fit. And A swimsuit is essentially half-naked. So you do the math on how I look in a swimsuit! Eeek.  
Ok, ok enough whining.  I will be shopping for one this weekend, because I will be in SIN CITY next week for Emmy’s bachelorette party (whoop, whoop!), and we all know Vegas always involves a decent amount pool time.

BUT I will also shop for all things spring since a ‘shopping spree’ is what I got from Hubs for the birthday, which I realized yesterday includes a new swimsuit. Most importantly, I need some new work duds. So new work wardrobe, here I come!
Here are few items on my wish list.
Lot of work related jackets, that still look casual and fun. not stuffy.

Dresses that look cute with above mentioned jackets, but also work for wedding showers, baby showers, ect ect.

Anything navy and light blue. dont forget those nude pumps!!

Andybody else working on updating their wardrobe for the spring??
Other than that we will be showering Miss Emily with gifts on Sunday, Happy Friday and have a good weekend!


Carolyn said...

I love all those items! :) And hate swimsuit season. Try finding a maternity suit. Ho hum. :)

SH said...

I looove those blazers!!

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