Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm blogger consti

OKKK now. I've been gone for a hot minute, but I'zzz got 'cuses, let me tell ya I got excuses! 
First off, my bestie got married. She was a stunning bride.
See this picture below:

And I have TRIED to blog about it about 3 times.

 But I was writing all this sappy stuff, and and well the sappy stuff I wrote before the wedding really can't be posted now after the wedding. And I'm not scared to post sappy stuff, because ya'll I am a sap. But because that is some non-chronological mess and this post just needs an overhaul. And I'm scurred my post wont do my best friend's wedding justice. This is a lot of mess and scaredness. Essentially, I'm blogger consti.

So the best thing for me to do when I am blogger consti is to say I am blogger consti, then just get back to the basics of blogging.  Which means rambling in unstructured run-on sentences about exactly what's going on in my head. At the very moment.
 ...So POOF. Be gone. 
and now for the rambles..

 I am headed to the dentist tomorrow. I haven't been in years, so really, wish me luck.
 I'm gonna need it.

I can't stop thinking about my blog design and If I need a new blog name. 
Can we say #firstworldproblems?? But really, it is partially to blame for my lack of blogging lately.

I have a massive event for work that I have GOT to start chipping away at. Oh vey. Just get on with it girl.

Also, why do I love posting at night? So weird.

Alright ya'll, I've rambled enough. Toodles.


applesandglue said...

I hear you, I totally keep thinking if I want a new blog name or not. I can't decide. Or rather, I think yes but I can't decide on a new name. Arg!

Your friend made a beautiful bride indeed!

Carolyn said...

Your friend's wedding dress is GORGEOUS! I can only imagine how pretty the rest of it is! :)

tara said...

she was seriously such a gorgeous bride! hope your dentist visit went well! hate the dentist!

Helene said...

she was a gorgeous bride!! i am ALWAYS thinking i need a new blog design, I feel you on that!

Kasey Lynne said...

Post more wedding photos! I used to be a wedding planner, so I love looking at other people's photos any chance I get!

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