Friday, March 15, 2013

In total go go go mode!

Snotty McSnotterson is no more!
 Since the snot has finally subsided, and I feel like a human again... and I am crawling out of obsession with bachelor news mode..(SERIOUSLY Sean and Catherine are so cute. I die. Please don't break up.)  
I am ready to tackle some very neglected items in my life in the next week, starting today.
working out and dieting for my best friend's wedding next weekend!!! heck to the YEAA. This is clearly the most important.
getting all tan and shizzzz for said wedding
getting fake eyelashes (i think). The fancy ones they put on with tweezers.
Totally unrelated, but finally shopping for those work clothes I was SUPPOSED to shop for two weekends ago. Seriously who procrastinates on shopping?
and fertilzing my grass. Is this weird?? am I officially old? On the serious I can not wait to fertizle my grass and get it green and pretty instead of brown and dead looking.
OH and maybe going to my first ever blogger meet up on Sunday!
and that's about it for me. Which is actually a lot. But Im either in 5th gear or stop according to my familia. They are so right.
Have a good weekend everybody!!


Kait said...

YAY FOR FALSE EYELASHES! I will want full updates on this as I am SO anxious to get them

Ashley said...

Ugh at least you have grass... We still have snow!!

Have a great weekend!!

Lynette said...

I so lol'ed on your fertilization to do list. Love love love.

Love-Lee said...

Not sure if you went ahead with the false lashes... and I KNOW some people are die-hard fans, but I absolutely hated them. You can't wash your face normally -- you have to be so careful around your lashes, so I never felt like my face was 'clean enough' if that makes any sense. I counted down the days until they all fell out. (I may be alone in my opinion, but thought I'd share!) Enjoy your week preparing for Em's big day!!

Carolyn said...

I'm SO READY for some green grass. Unfortunately... Minnesota just dumped more snow on us. UGHHHHHHHHHH.

Rachel said...

I do think that caring about your grass is a sign of getting old. :P But then again, my husband and I only care about our yard as little as possible according to the laws of decent society, so we might not be the best people to ask. Last year we had drought, and we were like, awesome! We don't have to mow for a whole month!! :P

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