Monday, April 29, 2013

Say Anything

Not the band Say Anything, the break the ice blog post! I got a little quiet round these parts, and by a little quiet I mean three weeks and counting kinda quiet! The best way to unquiet myself is to say anything in this here space.

So. "Anything!"

In all honesty, sometimes I don't want to talk about myself, tweet, upload pictures, or do any of those blogger things. I just wanna live my little life, and ride my bike. Or plot to exterminate the locusts outside my window. But I always miss my blog friends! And I sure do want to tell you all about Coachella!! I'll be playing some catch up and stalking your blogs here in the near future.

And just because I needed a picture... My favorite picture from Indio California:

I officially love palm trees and want to plant them in my front yard. That wouldn't be weird at all for our town house in the city :)

Ill be back with a travel adventures recap soon. Love, love! Tessy

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