Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter weekend

Too bad Easter no longer involves a 4 day weekend. And I totally boycotted any decoration projects this year. You know, just saving up all my creative energy until I start growing humans. But nonetheless it was a pretty cool weekend.

We saw Em and Stan- cute little newlyweds - on Friday. Car shopped til we dropped on Saturday.

Then went to church just Matt and I on Sunday. Lemme tell you, going to church on a holiday, just you and and your hubby? That made me feel all sorts of married and grown up my friends. Then we shot over to Karen and Tommy's for a Easter celebration.

My sis-in-law Steph looks great and is expecting baby boy #3 in a few weeks. It amazes me that she has worked out through her entire pregnancy.

And my photog pro sister-in-law Ree gave me some points and tips on using my camera. I have a Nikon 3200 and still have yet to take a class. I learned more with her 15 minute lesson than spending hours reading a manual. She found my aperture knob, shutter speed dial and taught me a thing or two about white balance. Of course I can't repeat any of it because I've already forgot :)

And here are two pictures I took in Manual. *GASP*

I'm totally evil for taking this but he's just so cute I couldn't help myself

Getting 8 kids into one picture.... not so easy.  Figuring out how to take a picture indoors with bad lighting? Also not easy.

Hands down the best part of my weekend was finding my frozen wedding cake. I thought it ended up in a trash can but no, no, my mother-in-law has had the entire time. Can't wait to shove it in Matt's face next month :) Over and out my friends !


Lynette said...

A. I absolutely LOVE your outfit! You look adorable. 2. Those pictures came out pretty darn good sista. C. I miss your face.

applesandglue said...

What a pretty dress! And you took some great pictures... I forgot how to use my camera in manual lol!

SHAYNA said...

Oh my goodness... 1 year already!? Seems like it came so fast! Sounds like y'all had an awesome Easter weekend!

Meg O. said...

Haha those kids look like so much fun! And yay for a photography lesson! I need a couple more because I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing!

Carolyn said...

Taking group pictures inside is SO HARD! Mine always turn out with such bad lighting! :(

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