Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bucket list: COACHELLA!

Last week I was super pumped about exploring San Francisco for a weekend. And then I saw my friends facebook post:

"Selling two Coachella tickets, second weekend,4-19/4-21" lemme know if you're interested"

And I said whattttt. I scrambled to find my iPhone calendar, and yes, that was the same exact weekend we were set to be in San Fran. Holy toledo, I texted Matt immediately. Then Kristen, who said "Text Chris the details" and BOOM.  Five minutes later we were booking our tickets to Coachella!!! Ok really it was like 48 hours, but you know same thing. We we're researching that shizz within 5 minutes!

It's funny because Chris and Kristen asked us time and time again if we want to go on trips, and we always said no for various reasons: saving to get engaged, then planning wedding which FYI ain't cheap! "oh, but we just got back from our honeymoon," "man we gotta save for a house," " but we're buying furniture," etc., etc., etc.
They had practically given up on us. and I don't blame them.

 And then for once we finally called them and said LET'S GO! Within 48 hours we booked the whole trip. Vacationing friends are the best of friends!

Now onto important things..

 Have any of you gone?? what did you wear?? Ahhh!

I love this look.. except I'm not blonde so that won't work..

how about this one! If you really know me, you know I love dresses..

  I also love these. Feminine and edgy, I could actually wear them again. Maybe.


I haven't even scratched the surface in my outfit research. Hippie hair bands, neon ensembles and face paint, here we come! And you best believe I'll be bargain shopping, Coachella ain't cheap!

If you have gone seriously let me know! I have so many questions! 


Arielle said...

I love headbands! so cute:)

Carolyn said...

So much fun! Have a blast!! :)

Nini Kat said...

Damn I am ultra jealous! I am going to my first outside music festival in June (Free press summer fest) but it is nothing compared to Coachella. I plan to go for realz within the next 3 years.

I just need to find someone to go with because no one is ever down for that stuff!

applesandglue said...

Whoa, how fun! I do love that first outfit and headbands are always fun!

Meggan Morehead said...


Erica @Always a Sooner Girl said...

Have fun on your trip. Love Love the dresses and the headband

Lauren said...

How FUNNN!!! I told my husband I wanted to go. Then I realized there was camping involved and said maybe another time... haha. Outfit shopping will be fun - you should go thrifting!

tara said...

y'all are going to have so much fun!!!!

Alyson said...

SO exciting! I have always wanted to go to Coachella! Can't wait to read about your trip:)

elizalouise.bell said...

I was just saying on Twitter today how jealous I was that people were going to Coachella!

You could totally do that hippy/boho/olsen twin look.

Rock it!

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