Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A wedding weekend

Man - this prego was T I R E D yesterday. I had no time at all to blog my 19 weeks bump date, but really the only items that stick out pregnancy-wise are tailbone pain, back pain and that’s about it my friends! Nothing a warm bath and maternity pillow can’t fix.  Oh and my love for salads and strawberry smoothies! A very great week in pregnancy land! 

I was ridiculously busy with work and my bestie’s wedding last week, and I must have been running on adrenaline. Because after the wedding was over… all I did was sleep! And lay down! And watch the big bang theory! It was definitely a jam-packed day, going from 10 am to midnight. But it was so worth it! I had such a blast. Here are some pictures of Lynette’s wedding this weekend!! And if you are in the Houston area and looking for makeup people, the girls at HeyLovelyMakeup are seriously magical! I mean magical…

 photo SIGNATURE_zps6b1dcc4a.png


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Gorgeous pics from the wedding, and loving that dress... so pretty :)

I'm sure you hear it constantly, but you're glowing!

Carolyn said...

You look GORGEOUS!! :) Glad pregnancy is going well!

brittany @ g squared said...

You look great! I am in my best friend's wedding at 35 weeks! We will see if I survive that. How are you feeling lately??

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