Friday, April 11, 2014

Little Drama Queen

Good morning and happy Friday. I write that with very little enthusiasm, because frankly I'm a huge grumposaurus this a.m. Why so grumpy pants? I’m mostly not looking forward to driving to Austin this weekend. I'm headed that way to shop with my sister for the master bedroom and nursery. I’m usually mega-excited about these kinds of weekends, but the thought just exhausts me at the moment.

Anyways. Onto my little peanut and the show she put on for us on Wednesday.  I already think she’s so stinkin’ cute.

First off, I have to say that the equipment and how much information you get while you are pregnant these days is pretty crazy.

I never expected to find out the gender so early, nor did I think I’d call a 1-800 number to ‘hear my results.’ I also didn’t think we’d get 3d pictures of her at 20 weeks, and for free no less!  I have to admit, it has caught us a bit off guard. Oh, and that jelly they rub on your belly for the ultrasound, was warmed up in a package. No longer freezing cold. Weird right?

So once the tech started the ultrasound, Little miss just started hiding from us. She was SO not in the mood to be poked by the ultrasound wand! She may have just been hungry because Matt forgot my breakfast taco, but homegirl was just not feeling it!

They first took me in solo, and took all her measurements. I loved seeing them point out her arms, legs and that she is still a girl! Her little hands just melted my heart :) Everything was intact and looking great, which is definitely a relief. I never thought anything was wrong, but that extra confirmation is wonderful.

Now to the fun part: letting the Hubs in the room. She kept hiding from us and was even more over pictures by the time He came! She kept putting her hands over her face like "leave me alone!" during the 3D pictures. Every time the tech would zoom in on her face, she'd throw her hands over her face! 
make them stop mom! 
Then she did it again and the tech said "she's such a drama queen!" 

Matt and I burst out laughing because he tells me about twice a week to stop being so dramatic. 

I can't believe I'm posting pictures of my uterus; because I vowed to not be that mom. But it's so cute and non-creepy when it's your child! 

Have a good weekend dears, and pray that my sister goes easy on me. Her energy levels are typically through the roof when it comes to house shopping, so I’ll definitely need it. Who knows, maybe our first nursery purchase will put me on cloud 9 and finally kick my nesting itch into gear! Let's hope so. 

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kristen said...

You are SUCH a drama queen! bahahah! JK matthew is! You are cutest and I cant wait to spank that babe!

Carolyn said...

Haha! So cute!!! Ultrasounds were definitely one of my favorite parts!!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

So sweet!!! congrats!



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