Monday, April 14, 2014

3rd Floor Makeover

Phew. This weekend was a whirlwind. I am in 3rd floor makeover mode which ='s master bedroom and nursery.  My furniture shopping trip to the Austin / San Marcos this weekend wasn’t as lucky as we hoped either. Actually, we struck out pretty big, but we did plan out our master bedroom makeover. And buy a lot of things we weren't looking for, imagine that! We went to 3 outlet stores, a restored furniture store, and 2 garage sales. YET, This little drawing is pretty much the most important thing we got accomplished!  My sister plotted out the exact pieces we need, including size of all the items, and I’ve got my inspiration and budget hashed out. So groan, I mean yay for that! I also figured out exactly what I want for the nursery (squeal!) and we started the paint swatch debate. 

We did find out that Restoration Hardware Outlet in San Marcos is running 40% off til May 4. We'll be checking that place frantically via phone. Maybe other outlets across the nation are too, but I'm not sure so check your local outlet! 

We've got a new 'chandelier' project in the works. I'm gonna post the results this Friday for my first installment of furniture Friday! 
paint swatching awayyy..
That would be my niece and nephew burying a lizard. LOL. They are so darn funny at this age. 
I found a lamp that I am still not at all sure about. I think it's too modern for our house. 
and we bought a hutch off craigslist that we plan to start painting soon. 

and that was that! let the nesting begin! 

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Thanks for the tip about RH 40% outlet sale :-D

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