Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brain dump

My brain is still a mess. So I'm giving ya a good old fashioned brain dump. Bear with me, it's truly all over the place. 

-I seriously am in growth spurt mode. I look so prego these days! 

-I just met baby Stella and she is so cute. I'm still a little bit scared to hold someone else's baby before they can hold their head up. Gonna need to work on that. And swaddling?! It's looking a little tough at the moment lol. She opened her eyes pretty wide at the end, and we joked that she recognized the voice of who her "mom yaps with all the time." and probably thought she was in for some Menchie's lol. #teamfroyo

-we went to rockport, tx this weekend and it was gorgeous. I definitely got the tan I was looking for. I even burnt on my shoulders, Which is rather odd for someone like me. Too bad the water was too cold to swim. Boooo on this super long spring, us Texans are ready for the heat! 

- as nice as Rockport and Austin have been, I have to admit I'm so glad to be done with road trip palooza. This girl is ready to be home and nest. Two weekends away just exhausted me. 

-speaking of nesting and being home, we are thinking we might nix the Babymoon all together. The whole trip just sounds like a waste of money since I'm not in the mood for bathing suits, can't have a drink/ go on excursions/ would truly rather be home. I just want to spend the money on the house and baby. I think my priorities have completely shifted in the past couple of weeks. Some crazy maternal instinct or something. 

-leading me to my next topic! I went to buy buy baby for the first time! So looking forward to registering there! It's a million times better than babies r us ... In my humble opinion. 

-I am in desperate need of a new Hana blow dryer. My flat hair is just not doing it for me. I miss blowouts and volume. Or need to learn how to tease hair ASAP. 

- maternity pillows are everything. That is all. 

-I need to work on a closet overhaul. Things that don't fit need to be put away so I can easily see what is possible to wear. Feeling frumpy is no fun, and fighting with my clothes every morning is frustrating. I want to get some good pieces for work and play; add some accessories and belts to feel prepared. I know everyone says only buy a little. But I plan on being pregnant one or two more times, and Texas pretty much has one season, So ya.  Just load me on up! And what's more fun than loaning them out to your friends? 

Ok that's it for now. Brain officially feels empty now. Success! 


Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

How you feel about your baby moon is how I feel about our anniversary trip! I so want to enjoy it but, there's so much else to do!! I can't wait for Summer to officially be here!! Although, Spring is pretty nice!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

YES!!! BBB is soooo better than BRU!!! LOVED registering there and the knowledge their staff has is AMAZING!! Gah - I just ordered a new BabyBliss hair dryer yesterday hoping it does something for this postpartum hair!! Its a mess!!

brittany @ g squared said...

I am with you on almost all of the above! I want to put away all my regular clothes that don't fit, but I don't think I can handle looking at a closet with only 10 articles of clothing. And we also gave up on the babymoon. I am glad we did because spending the dough in the nursery has really paid off!

Kristy said...

I will give you one key piece of advice: swaddling is hard and most babies can bust out of it - but it's also soooo important - enter the summer infant swaddle me (or any other Velcro swaddles blanket). It's foolproof, and they can't easily bust out. It will save your nerves and your marriage, trust me.

This is coming from someone with two kids under two who both sleep through the night and have been since around 12 weeks (before that they only woke 1-2 per night for 15 minutes total to eat). The swaddles is so needed but needn't be so hard! Email me if you want to chat more because honestly I feel like I've found a pretty good routine with our babies.

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Celyn PS said...

sounded like such a lovely vacation!


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