Monday, August 11, 2014

Officially full term

Gosh I've been quiet lately. I always get a little more introspective when big milestones are coming, and I definitely had one of "all up in my head" moments last Thursday / Friday. When I get like this I blog less, text less, social media less. I retreat into myself essentially. But I'm back now. So what was the milestone? Well duh, if you read the title of this post:  I officially became full term last Thursday! Holy canoli I have made it almost 9 months into pregnancy. I'm so proud of what my body has done so far, but I know the hardest part is coming. I'm excited/nervous/scared/prepared/prepared to laugh at all my preparations that get thrown out the window.... You name the emotion,  and I've felt it the past couple of weeks! 

Some Things I don't want to forget: 

- I can't stop obsessing over her dropping. I ask Matt every morning "did she drop any?" Since my baby "is potentially big," they will take her not dropping as a sign that she can't make it out of the birth canal (double negative? sorry). So I obsess. And sing "drop it like it's hottt" in a Snoop Dog voice all day.

- I'm trying to close lose ends at work. I'm setting up meetings with team members to officially transfer things over, and hoping to help my boss find an intern or two.

-It's hectic but calm at the same time. I, err, my family works on the nursery, and then helps me shop for things that I need. We are so close to being done in terms of decorations, but the room is completely functional as is. Now am I bottles sterilized ready? No. But do I really feel like I need to be that ready? No. I'm kind of superstitious and see this as an overly prepared type of thing. Especially because I plan to nurse, and my mom said she'll do this kind of stuff while we are at the hospital right before we get home. Thank god for moms.

-Speaking of moms, becoming a mom has made me so reliant on my own mother. It's really cool to see motherhood come full circle. I love my mommy so much and couldn't appreciate her help more at this time.

-I want to see my gf's one last time before my world completely morphs. I've been making appointments here and there, and plan to have one last date night this weekend. I've got a new maternity "body con" dress ready and everything ;)

And some survey-like questions for all the bumpdate aficionados: 

-the symptoms that stick out the most are definitely my swollen hands and feet. They hurt when I wake up in the am, and tingle throughout the day which feels so weird. I can't wait to ditch this whole water retention thing. 
-wedding rings are most definitely off. 
-Stretch marks are still small and only on my hips. I'm very happy about this, and crossing my fingers it stays this way. 
-I've been 75% effaced for two weeks.  No Braxton hicks or dilation yet. Baby has dropped more since last week, but not a ton.
-tmi but I think I found some colostrum on my shirts a time a two this week... Shizz is getting real  
-Weight gain is clocking in at a total of 26 lbs. My sister and Matt have both told me, "you've done way better than I thought you would." I'm like ok?! Thanks for the compliment! Haha. Im not that sensitive, so I really do take it as a compliment. 

And that's all I can word vomit for now. That was a lot! Tata blog world. 


Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

You look great girlfriend! So exciting that you are full term now!! It will be no time before she is here!

Alysha Rainwaters said...

so excited for you momma!!! can't wait to see pics of this gal. xoxo

Jamie said...

You look great. You're so close!!!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

Yay! She has dropped! Your body is going to tell you when to stop and it's probably coming really soon! :)

Carolyn said...

You look amazing! YAY for full term!!! :) Isn't that a fun milestone to hit?? I remember being so obsessed with knowing how far Weston had "dropped" - so funny. :)

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