Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"at home" maternity pictures

Here are pictures from our 'at home' maternity session two weeks ago. This is a new style of photography that seems to be cropping up, and rightfully so.  Really, so much about pregnancy, and raising a bambino from what I hear, is about the home. You put so much energy into creating a household, and I loved capturing the authenticity of the "nesting" journey that is pregnancy.  Matt and I have spent so much time binge-watching TV shows, and I 100% wanted that in our shoot.  I also love the 'favorite foods' scene. Although I'm a froyo girl all the way, that ice cream bucket was in the fridge. So maybe a tinsy but of truth stretch there. BUT I probably ate 50 boxes of Special K during my pregnancy - ESPECIALLY when I had morning sickness. And I love me some Annie's Macaroni. 

Anywhoo, I love this style of photography, and Chesney Layne did so SUCH an amazing job for us. I had over-propped myself and changed 4 times, but she was so excited to make the shoot what we wanted. I felt really comfortable telling her my ideas, and she had great suggestions to go above and beyond! If you're in the market for a Houston photog, definitely check her out.  I will post again tomorrow with our outdoor session favorites. Also, my sweater and rainbow shirt were from my go-to maternity wear site:  

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Emily said...

Love love them!!

Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

These are so, so cute!! Love them!!

shay said...

Adorable pics!!!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Love these pics, so sweet! :)

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