Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 38

I went to the Dr. this morning. A little bit of progress can be noted, but nothing to write home about. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I was a bit glum about my lack of dilation progress. And even though I just said my progress was nothing to write home about, I guess I'm gonna write about it anyway. I am almost dilated to a 1, but still not quite there yet. This is the same status as last week. We started talking about induction protocol and I've decided I will probably schedule on her due date, Aug. 28th. Might as well get on the books since you have to schedule 7 days out, and they only induce on Mondays and Thursdays. I want to be patient and give her the time to come when she's ready. But I do not want to wait past 40 weeks, and she said she has no concerns about my cervix being favorable by then. So back to the waiting game we go.

Alright blog friends, I took the day off so I'm gonna go try to cheer myself up! I foresee car shopping, pedicures, or a prenatal massage to do the trick!

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brittany @ g squared said...

I am in the same boat lady! Just about to write my 39 week update. At least I am a "good centimeter" dilated, and 80% effaced! I was 0 and 0 last week so I am fairly excited about it. Unfortunately I know it could still be a long wait from here. Stay positive! And get a pedi. That is my plan to cheer up too. It is awesome you at least have a final date in sight! They won't let me schedule an induction until I come for my 40 week appt. Hoping it doesn't come to that! Are you effaced at all?

Emily said...

Love the pictures. Baby is just loving being in your belly. I'll go get a pedicure with you love.

Darby Hawley said...

I hated hearing that my body was not dilating as fast as I wanted it to. ughhh so frustrating but hang in there mama! You look fantastic! I love these pictures...and that dress is gorgeous on you! Think I could wear it even though I'm not pregnant anymore? lol

Curly Girl Confessions said...

Just remember dilation really isn't all it's about! I was a 1 and my water broke...quickly progressed and was in labor only 10 hours. Stay positive! And - rest!

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