Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Registering at Macy's is the

So the other we went to Macy's to finish registering and get our movie star on!

Ha. totally kidding they really just wanted to ask us a bunch of questions about the registry process on film.. but they went all out putting us in camera ready make up and stuff.

I snapped a few pics of us registering:

He's was focused.

I finally got him to crack a smile - he screamed at me to focus right after..oh married 

Me in an apron!

Yea right I'll never wear one of these. 

Then came the make up. My favorite part. These MAC make up artists were hilarious.

He was my favorite. He was griping about some kid stealing his brushes "uh uh gurl oh no he didn't"

Camera ready make up. OOOF.

Then we started with the questions. I don't think we did too good and they said the video may possibly be put on facebook but they didnt seem sure. Whatevs we got a 100 dollars for participating and it was pretty hilarious!

The husband and wife film crew:

And here we are with our consultant pauline! She's the cutest and most helpful registry consultant at Macy's at memorial city mall - so if you're registering any time soon go meet Pauline and getcha some!

I gotta admit I was Team Bed Bath and Beyond but I've been totally converted by Matthew and his mom to Macy's. The rewards you get if you have a Macy's card, the discount family and friends coupons, and the 20% percent days we get to clean off items left on our registry are all fabuloso.

awkard fake smiles..hehehe
Holler atcha girl!

So things are really really busy in work, life, wedding, house etc. I can't wait to blog about something other than the wedding, but that's all I got for now!
Love love.


Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

that looks fun girl!! your makeup looked good.

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

I loved registering for our wedding!!! You look adorable in that apron!! :)

Marci @ a smile a day said...

I can't wait to register at Macy's, I freaking love that store!!! My bank account hates it on the other hand. You look so cute in that apron, I think that is what I will get you for your wedding lol! said...

aw thank you! too bad I dont cook so there is no use!

Viviana said...

Isn't registering so much fun?! I loved it!
Thanks for stopping by Fashion Truffles! I'm now following :)

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