Sunday, April 1, 2012

A busy, busy weekend!

I wanted to pretend Matthew and I had eloped today, but I figured I might give some people a panic attack..but happy April Fool's day nonetheless!

I'm sad to this this weekend go!! 

We got to see a lot of Kristen and Chris this weekend, which always makes for some fun!
 We knocked out a ton of wedding errands this week and we're ready to cut loose.  
We seem to be getting faster and faster at this. 
Probably because we miss seeing our friends and having a life! Seriously wedding planning just takes over.

On Friday we saw a few properties with our Realtor Nancy Jane, and nothing really fit our fancy.
Maybe we are being too picky, but I'd rather rent for a few months after the wedding then rush into something that isn't almost perfect for us. 

After the realtor gig, we headed out for some ritas with the gang.

and then over to Canyon Creek:

KK and I - (excuse my haggard look)

We had a blast just kicking it with everyone. Kristen made me watch her hang gliding post which had me cracking up for about 30 minutes! omg watch it, its hilarious!

Then Saturday we started our Macy's registry. We registered for a some stuff, then the Macy's consultant asked us to come back and be filmed for bridal testimonials.
WHAT? come again? We shall see what this entails tomorrow!! 

Supposedly they are going to film us and ask questions about the wedding planning process. 
They picked the right girl, because I have a lot to say!! 
I can pretty much talk anyone's ear off if they ask my opinion!
Matthew thinks they picked us because we are an interracial couple, ha.

Then we headed over to meet with the gang to watch the final four. I watched absolutely none of it. 
Unless my longhorns are playing, I ain't watchin'

Then Sunday was just perfection. We grilled and laid out. and drank more margaritas of course. 

 Matthew was so excited to get a tan. Oh my goofy sweetie.

of course we had a nail party.

And then we said good bye. On to the week! I shall return with some more wedding updates!
We booked our band, sent our invitations, picked our wedding favors, wrote thank you notes and I bought my wedding shoes!
Only 48 days to go!



Valerie Griffin said...

48 days! yay! getting so close!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Umm I love that we see eachother so much!! YAY for the beach Friday!!

Lynette said...

What a good weekend! Yay you need some of that in your life- I wanna plaaay!

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

looks like a great weekend!! im ready to see you nowwwww!

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

I remember when I only had 48 more days to go!!!! I got married this past October in The Woodlands, and let me tell you...your wedding day gets here fast!!!! Wasn't registering at Macy's so much fun??? I loved it!

Enjoy every single minute of your wedding countdown!!!


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