Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Haircare for the Cheap and Lazy

You know how you have those tasks in the back of your head.. Like floss more, take your lunch to work,  walk the dog longer, call your parents more etc., etc., etc.  Well my task was -  to start taking care of my hair.
Especially since a lot of it fell out due to wedding stress. So top of my  list?

Must. find. some. kind. of leave-in conditioner.

 Now, I am not one to spend much on my hair - now make-up? That's a different story.
I'll drop exorbitant amounts of cash on make-up. I mean you only have one face, better make it count.
But hair?? Psssssh. $5 Dollas better make me holla, because that's as much as I'll spend on a hair item.

Well, I was in luck when I found this stuff. I saw this dove hair therapy circulating the blogosphere, and was already on the market for some kind of leave-in (detangler, leave-in same thing).. and when the price tag was $4.88, I said score! and threw that thang' in the buggy.

Now I had a little anxiety.. I thought.. how can a $5 dollar item really work?? I was kind of cursing myself for not buying the $20 dollar Aveda stuff.

But I paired the Dove with my normal John Frieda Luxurious Volume, something I use everytime I blow my hair out and I thought it was successful!

{blow-out hair for Jenn and Matt's wedding}

It did NOT weigh my hair down. It was NOT greasy.

And I live in Texas People. And its 100 degrees daily round' these parts as of late.

It was just siiilky smooth.

Now the outdoor wedding ceremony did kill my hair pretty a tad..see this picture.. but I perked it up the next day and it was good as new! I unfortch don't have a pic of that part.
.I mean it was still shiny at least. and It didn't look greasy, which is key.

[I look drunk. probably because I am]

Now disclaimer: I do have somewhat thick hair, so it might not work for anyone. But if you have thick hair - and want a good leave-in, this stuff is worth all 5 bucks!

Now this was air-dried, with a  few spritz all over! Hello beach waves! Easiest. hair-do. ever.

For 5 bucks, I'm lovin' it!
Over and Out.



Carolyn said...

I'm definitely going to buy this! In 5 days... when my Target detox is over. HAHAHAHA :) Love your hair! So pretty!

Sami said...

I need this stuff in my life! Let's hope I can still find it because you know once the blogging bandwagon jumps on something it seems to be impossible to find! Your hair is gorg :)

tara said...

your hair looks fab so i've definitely gotta try it!

Raquel said...

Ok now i'm definitely convinced about this product. I needz it!

Clearly Crystal Lynn said...

I just got the Dove hair therapy a couple of days ago, and I TOTALLY agree! This stuff is fantastic! I've got pretty complicated hair.. being hispanic.. I have somewhat thick hair, and ALOT of it, plus its suuuuuper long! A couple of spritz of this stuff outta the shower and I'm golden! But maybe I'll have to try out that root booster.. I live in Dallas, so ya know we need that extra oomph of body! Bigger Hair = Better ;) <3 ya!

Jamie said...

Omg. I'm in love too.

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