Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Faves - Furniture Edition

Happy Friday Y'all. First up on my Friday faves: going home to see my boo!

This work trip has been so cool, but I'm so excited to takkeee it to the houuuse!
 Hello two-hour flight I want to be on you.

After wrapping things up here, I will be headed to the house manana.

So speaking of the House - we have actually been decisive in buying our first furniture :) And decisiveness is pretty much impossible in our household, so I am super duper thrilled that this bad boy {but in gray} is finally arriving tomorrow!! 
[The Beckham Sectional from Basset]
Obviously this picture is not of my house, #Iwish. The couch was supposed to arrive last Saturday, but we got the  ol' delivery man fake-out. But Alas, our couch is finally coming! 
As my bestie Lynette says "you come home to sit" tee heeee. Bye, bye,bye to those ugly black couches!
What we loved about this piece is its modular, so we can shape it however we want. This is pretty helpful because our room is an awkward size, and we were having so muchhhh trouble finding a couch. 
#Progress folks!

And third, I've purchased my first and probably only Christmas present. 
 Best.Present.Ever. This table. my gosh. I just want to marry it :)

{The Emmerson from West Elm}
I compromised on the couch, but that table was all mine. #soinlove.
Its all finally coming together, and thank goodness because an empty white house was 
really testin' my patience!!Just need chairs, rugs and drapes! #thatsalmosteverything  LOL

annddd up fourth on this wonderful Friday?  We are kicking off the holiday season with some friends for their Thanksgiving gala. And hopefully buying a Christmas tree. I want a fake, and Matt wants real.. so we shall see who prevails on this one!  Muhahahaha.

This post was all kinds of inspired by Amber with her contagious Christmas spirit, go check out her wreaths!
Who else is getting their decorating  on this weekend?



Erin said...

Yay to new furniture! I just had a huge debacle over mine so I feel ya on it finally arriving.

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

yayyy cant wait to see it in real life!

Amber said...

HAHA I love the Ron Burgandy quote. Obviously we have a thing for Will Ferrell today. I am in LOVE with your new furniture purchases!! I love the idea of being able to move the sectional around however you need it. Merry Christmas to you ;) I hope you find a lot of pretty Christmas decorations this weekend. My guess is you will win the bet on the artificial tree!

Kaity said...

That table is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of that table! Especially with the benches.

Jamie said...

That table is fantastic.

livingchel said...

I love the table!

Carolyn said...

Both pieces are AMAZING! Can't wait to see them in the space!! :)

Life's a shoe said...

wow loving the decor!

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

I love the couch and table! Can't wait to see it all come together!

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