Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where its AT

I've got two turn tables and a microphone!

Happy Election day lovies!
I totally voted, and then drove my bum to McDonald's to complete the American experience. Now we are off to our neighbors to grill out and watch the news!
and by the time you read this tomorrow, we'll know the outcome.

[that would be a snack size mcflurry, double oreo + m&m's what what]

I am so excited about so many things coming up and can't wait to share with you guys!
I missed the weekend update, but I'll have to fill you all in!

Andddd if you haven't entered my giveway yet, do so! I swear if I could afford more giveaways I would,
it was so fun on friday getting blogger email and tweets etc.
Felt a little like Santa if ya know what I mean ;)

Over and out, be back soon!


Katy M said...

I haven't had a McFlurry in like forevvs and a day.. and now I want one! lol

Kay Bee said...

I went to an election party yesterday. Totally ruined my diet with food. I felt so ashamed! I told myself that I would "restart" today and perhaps I will treat myself with a Mcflurry on Friday...just because that picture looks so darn good!I guess I can scream YOLO before I eat it! lol

Kay Bee @ KayKonfidential.blogspot.com

Carolyn said...

YUM! A McFlurry... Jealous!

Erica {A Sooner Sweetheart} said...

I saw this post and now I would like a McFlurry

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