Monday, February 4, 2013

NYE resolutions - are you checking in?

It is the beginning of the month, my birthday month of course! AND I never posted my New Years resolutions so lets have a little ol' progress report now shall we? I always said I would list them out, but I realized taking a pic. of my chicken scratch is more fun. Oh and I just found this hilarious article that will get you in the mood to look at those resolutions.

Here we're my resolutions, well more "goals" actually written a few days befor NYE. Take a peek into mah journal folks.

If you look closely at the picture above it says lose 17 lbs. That's all post-wedding weight. I've lost 8 lbs out of 17 thanks to the yeast-free Diet. 11 lbs to go. Up next, Work out twice a week for one hour. EPIC FAIL. I don't know why I dread working out so much but I do. Time to get over it.

Now this is where it gets funny. Get to bed by 10:30? Its happened a time or two. Cook two times a week at minimum - HA. The joke was on me. Cooking all the time now. Learn how to cook less processed meals. Another cruel joke. How about NO processed foods on the yeast free diet :)

I still need to sign up for a an inDesign class and take a photography class. I almost signed up for a sewing class, but decided I need to put that on hold for now. Somewhere in there, I had finish decorating house - which included a stripe wall which we completed on Dec. 30th, we got the built-in shelves painted, curtains purchased (Saturday AM) and fabric for cornice boards ordered. We finally nailed stuff (not much) into the walls. A lot for January I'd say.

Build a creative space in the house - this is a favorite. Can't wait to start this one. There were also some significant travel plans hidden there and I am really trying to make that happen.

Anybody else look at their NYE list yet? I'm a NYe junkie so do share!


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SHAYNA said...

Sounds like you knocking things right off of your list! Keep up the good work! & I'm SO excited to start YF tomorrow! Take a walk during lunch hour if you can... A co-worker & I started doing that a couple of weeks ago & I love it! It's better than nothing! :)

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