Friday, March 28, 2014

Almost Half Way

Yesterday I was 18 weeks, and this week has been pretty good! I went to the dentist yesterday, which was kind of gross but totally necessary. I finally got to see a bunch of friends this past weekend. I was on the move! I suddenly got stressed about names on Sunday morning, and Matt and I made our first list! I had looked at so many names by the end of the day I think my eyes had gone cross. Let me tell ya, naming a child is a lot of pressure! I told everyone I don't want to think about names for another week, and I'm hoping things will just come to me. I have one front runner. It struck me as I was reading a pottery barn catalog. I'm waiting for moments like that vs. scanning and scanning and scanning a baby name app.

How far along? 18 Weeks!

Baby size: the size of a mango according to my app. 5 inches and half a pound.

Weight gain: YES. I didn’t know my exact weight before I got pregnant. My guess is I’ve gained 9-10 lbs by this point. Which I am ok with.

Maternity clothes: fo shizzle! I went shopping on Friday and got quite a few items. But I will say, maternity shopping is hard! I definitely left the store frustrated. Even though I am ok with my weight gain as a number, my whole body has just expanded which makes everything look so weird to me.

Stretch marks: Nope. Using bio oil and checking myself like a maniac.

Sleep: Loving my new boppy pregnancy pillow! But usually waking up once around 3 a.m to go to the bathroom., then 6 a.m. because I am hungry. I have discovered a caffeinated drink I like:‘very berry’ from starbucks, so I can stay up much later than before.

Gender: little diva!

Movement: not yet, but I had the most vivid dream last night that she swiped her foot against my belly. I cant wait for some real, non-dream movement! lol!

Best moment this week: baby shower planning with my sister in law! And getting a really cute onesie and hat in the mail from Jessie B.! And all the hand me downs from Jenn and Jessie D., especially the boppy maternity pillow. seriously. maternity pillows = heaven.

Looking forward to: our 20 week apt! I haven’t had a U/S since our genetic testing and I’m so pumped!

Food cravings: I’m gonna start calling Baby Cook little miss health nut! I’ve really gotten into salads with chipotle ranch dressing, and smoothies. I also have eaten a morning bun from bux almost every day. I hate salty foods, and fast food. Matthew was a notorious picky eater as a child, and sometimes I think she might be like him! Which is adorable :)

Weirdest food I ate this week: my first fast food run in weeks. It was terrible. I truly hate processed foods!

Anything making you queasy or sick: just an empty stomach.

Labor signs: heck no.

What I miss: girl time with wine.

Symptoms: my back aches have come back a little bit. Still got the M/S every morning if I don’t take my 2mg of Zofran.

Workouts: yes! I got in 3 last week! I am loving Andrea Orbeck and prenatal yoga. I need to do better at working out after work. It seems the weekends are when I work out the most.

Things that suck: umm. Not really feeling too sucky about anything this week. I do wish shopping was easier. I have quite a few dresses I need for Lynette's upcoming wedding festivities.

Things that don't suck: little gifts and hand me downs! People love to buy for girls, and your mama friends love to help you!

things that are weird: vivid dreams. and my sudden love for sitcoms. I could watch them all day.

things that make me smile: thinking about her as our little peanut/health nut.

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brittany @ g squared said...

Yay for almost deciding on a name. Are you going to share when you decide?!

Lynette said...

EEEEP this is precious. I can't wait to meet the adorabs lil healthy diva girl.

brynn said...

I just realized we are due TWO days apart!... with girls!! I'm sorry you're still getting morning sickness :( I had the all day sickness from weeks 6-16... but now I'm in a weird stage where I'm getting headaches every. single. day.

Curly Girl Confessions said...

Names should be the least of your worries, girlie! It will definitely come to you when you least expect it and you will just run with it. Also - I did tell you about a bump nest, right? If not, look it up but if so - sorry for the repetition. :)

Katherine Annika Cutar said...

I like this post! And I love your blog! Followed you here and on Bloglovin as well. I hope you'd check my blog too and follow-back. :)


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