Monday, March 17, 2014

Things that puzzle me

This weekend was good. I ate like a horse. Seriously. We hosted a bridal shower for my bestie Lynette, and I couldn’t stop eating. It kind of came out of left field, and while I hope my food aversion continues to lessen, I also hope that I can learn to control myself. Haha. We made a quick trip out to Galveston on Sunday, which was really nice. It was actually sunny, and we had lunch at the country club where were had our wedding reception. It was kind of sentimental to walk into the place with a bump. I told our wedding coordinator “I’m pregnant!” and he replied “I see that!” LOL. But enough about the weekend.

Onto…. things that puzzle pregnant Tess. I will add one disclaimer, I usually don’t write these kinds of posts... but apparently I'm more vocal as a pregnant person. Or I just have more time to watch the news ;)

First off - Where in the heck is this plane??? I don’t know why I’ve been so intrigued and binging on this news story. But seriously?? Where are they? What happened?? I’ve exhausted every scenario from they disappeared into a black hole LOST style, to terrorist high jacking, to pilot suicide. It’s just insane, and sad, and I hope those families can get any kind of resolution soon.

How on earth is ScarJO 5 month preggers?? I read a headline, “ScarJO shows off baby bump” and I’m like what bump??? All I see are boobs. I mean go ScarJO, she's super hot, but yea I’m a month behind you and look way more pregnant LOL.

Why is Lady Gaga so weird? Her latest antics at SXSW are really just enough for me. In case you missed it, mid-song she called an ‘artist’ up to the stage to puke lime green stuff on her. While she rode a mechanic bull? Huh? So disgusting. I think I’m officially banishing lady Gaga from Tessy World from now on. Not that she would care. I can't even a post a picture of this. It's that horrid.

I really like her music, but why does Miley Cyrus not brush her tongue? If it’s going to be front and center for your whole get up, persona, whatever - then keep the thing clean! and no I did not seek this picture out, nor do I really follow her. I'm constantly bombarded with this nastiness whilescrollin' my twitta feed!

I'm done being puzzled :)

Happy Monday Ya’ll.

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Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I'm baffled by this plane disappearance too... I think the problem is they have no idea which direction it went after losing it's signal and for how long. So the search area is huge. So sad, and I hope their poor families can get some closure soon, and better yet I hope they're all hanging out on a deserted island Gilligan style.

Carolyn said...

OMG. Miley's tongue. That just made my day. :)

Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh the plane thing is freaking me out!

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