Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prego thoughts

Gosh I want to blog so bad. But it seems like every time I make plans to blog I a) get really bad morning sickness b) can't find my proper cords to upload pics, charge my iPad etc. ect. OR c) generally forget or run out time. 

I really never knew how tired and worn out id be as a pregnant lady. I know my morning sickness has not helped (I'm almost sixteen weeks and it still has not left me completely), but I sincerely didn't realize how little time id have for things! It seems if I can make it through the day with a decent outfit and enough makeup on- and not puke my brains out - then it's a successful day! It's extra successful if I can squeeze in one of the following: laundry, cooking or any type of exercise. Its never more than one of those items, even if I tell myself "I will conquer this day!" 

It's even more hilarious when people ask me if I've got plans for the nursery or potential names. I'm like - "I'm barely making it in my regular life! How can I have those plans yet??" I don't get offended, I just giggle at how slow and laid back I am being at this mom-to-be thing. 

So moving on. We've had our gender reveal party, and its a girl! I really want to write a whole post about it so I don't forget what that whole experience was like, but here is a video my niece created. She's so cute with her 13-year-old-self making movies on iMovie.


I did not know, and Matthew knew on Friday. Our party was Sunday, so dancing around that secret was interesting. 

And that's all for now. I've got some mad typos in this post, but oh well. Good night moon! 


brittany @ g squared said...

I totally feel your pain! This is exactly how I feel. I literally have to force myself to take pictures of the belly, but I really want them for future reference, so I suffer through having to get off the couch. And there has been a LOT of take out and pizza eating in our house. I have no idea how people do this while working and with other small children!

Bre said...

Totally made me cry. Congrats girl!

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