Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break Nails

I tried this combo one more time and it looked waayyy better.

Buzzing in real quick here, its spring, I’ve got spring fever, but OH my gah I am tired! Is anyone else feeling sluggish over the time change?? I’m suddenly wired off sunlight and haven’t been able to fall asleep til 1 or 2 in the morning all week.! Thank GOD its almost Friday.

Anywho enough about me! Here is a cool nail project I was inspired by on instagram, and I have been dying to try out and share. It’s called a ‘ruffian,’ not a clue in the world what that means, but I said ‘sign me up for that!’ It’s basically a lil’ razzle dazzle shimmy shake to your cuticle. Or a French manicure in reverse?? Whatevs here it goes.

***Warning*** this is not a nail project for the impatient. and I mean it!

Round up your supplies:

I chose ‘A Crewed Interest’ by Essie for the base – I’ve had my eye on this light peach for about a month.. and it was worth the wait.. it is Heaven in a bottle people! and “Next CEO” by Nicole for the Ruffian.

Step 2. Paint your nails and let them dry COMPLETELY. I SAID COMPLETELY PEOPLE.

Get your stickers:

Put them on, pay attention don't let those things go crooked now. And make sure they are stuck on TIGHT. If they aren’t the nail polish will wiggle under and give you a sloppy line:

start..Painting the ruffian. Use two coats.

WAIT for it.
WAIT some more. Patience is key folks. WAIT some more. THEN peel the stickers off and apply top coat to smooth out lines.

And you’re done! Then bon voyage to the enjoy the sunlight with your gorgeous nails! (I think they are gorgeous, you may beg to differ)

Here are two pictures because the color looks different depending on the light

(pardon my dents)

Over and out, we’re off to meet with our deacon. Have a happy happy St. Patty’s !!


Lynette said...

I am barely patient enough to let my first few base coats dry but I do want to try this! They look fabulouso- props to you! :)

Emily said...

love your nails!!

Sami said...

Cool! I love them!!

Carly Ann said...

That's awesome, I would never have thought of that. said...

Carly I found them on instagram - there are so many nail pics there!

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