Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend recap

We had such a good weekend I'm sad for it to go!
it was filled with spontaneous fun which if you know me is my fave kind of fun .. In other words our house hunt drove us to drinking
We didn't realize it at the time but basic trend of the weekend was...
meet with the realtor,
meet up with Emily and Stan ..
for cocktails

Here are some pics to sum up the weekend:


We got the party started on the lake with some green cocktails!

Matthew brushed up on his boat driving skillzz

Our hair was out of control to say the least:
long hair don't caree...jk I need to cut those locks..

The hostess.. pardon my fake smile lol..

And we fished:

hung out by the water
And then boys conked out early and we had a Nail polish -face wash- makeup brush washing total girl party!

on Sunday we got to meet this little one:

I shall return later this week with all kinds of updates and some link up fun!
Hopefully a house update too, if not that means we'll be homeless people after the wedding!!


Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Y wasnt I invited??? Bishes.

Emily said...

definetely a great weekend! Kristen you better come out next time!

Lynette said...

Sounds like a fabulouso weekend! You needed that! And yea Em where the f was my invite? lol jk Landon would have dived off the boat and it would have been rescue mission from there. eep.

Marci @ a smile a day said...

I have been dying to try that jus' mac place! Was it amazing??
Looks like y'all had funn! I still have yet to go to Stan's lakehouse!

Valerie Griffin said...

great pics!

09 10