Friday, July 27, 2012

The Nail Files: Wedding Edition

Its FRIII UHH DAYYYYY. Hecks ya. I'm buried at work, so I'll get right to it.
Linking up with Tara and Vicki for one of my favorite link-ups.

Here are the best pics I have of my wedding nails:

[ I wouldn't take pictures til someone brought me wine. ]

I wore Essie Wedding Collection 2012 "Like to be bad"
Whoever named this polish needs to be fired. and I am being totally serious. The name is not remotely wedding related, and I admit that bugged me. But it was the only soft pink in this years wedding collection, and it had a touch of glitter to it which I thought was a plus. A few polishes that I was having a hard time picking between were: Opi 2012 Wedding Collection "Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs." and one of pinky faves Essie "Muchi Muchi"

Here are my current nails:
I posted this picture to IG last night, asking everyone to pick a color. EVERYONE picked blue
Essies "bikini so teeny" 

Well, I had already started painting before everyone answered. and Blue nails make me uncomfortable. so I ended up with this. Who knows.

Julep "Natasha" and Essie "Fear or Desire"

 and happy birthday to my dear emilia! Can't wait to celebrate!

look at us in college!! so funny!!

{College - Sophomore year}

{Senior Year - Los Angeles}

Have a good weekend guys!


Hilary said...

Loving the orange! Happy birthday to Emily!

Carolyn said...

I love your wedding nail choice! Horrible nail polish name though!!

Natalie said...

Your nails look pretty in any color girl!! Love throwback T&E pics!

Sami said...

You are so pretty! Love your nails.. wedding and now. I am kicking myself for not picking up that orange color, I love it! You and Emily are so cute! Have a great weekend girl :)

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

Those are some beautiful weddings pics. You forgot to mention that you changed your nail color about an hour before the ceremony. Only you could pull that off. The blue did have a better name but the pink was soo pretty.

Oh college days. Those were fun. I love you tessie poo.

Amber said...

I love your wedding nail color. Why would they put that color in the "Wedding Collection" and call it "Like to be bad"...really? I love the color, but not the name.

MacKensie said...

haha you are adorable. I love that pic of you, your dress and your wine. :)



jennie said...

I also love the blue! You looked fab at your wedding - nails included! ;)

Kimberlee said...

Gorgeous wedding nails! Love the ombre orange/red nails :)

Erin said...

You look gorgeous in your wedding pics!

Brittany said...

Beautiful wedding nails!! I actually loved all the colors you had on!! Your newest follower from the nail files!

Alyssa said...

I am so loving your wedding nails!! Super pretty! I'm definitely gonna have to look for that color!

Jenna said...

You are a gorgeous bride! I love the polish you chose for your wedding. It looks fabulous with your bouquet! I, too, think the name of that polish is horrible. I don't understand why they even named it that.

I love Bikini So Teeny. It is definitely one of my favorite colors this summer!

The colors that you picked looked great together!

Have a fabulous weekend.

tara said...

your wedding nails look so pretty! but you're right, the person who named that color needs to be fired!

Faith said...

I love the color on your nails! So pretty.

I agree with you about the color of your wedding nails. Wrong nail polish name!

Franziska said...

You looked BEAUTIFUL on your wedding day - it's how all brides want to look!

I've been looking for bikini so teeny every where but it's no where to be found :(

Claire Kiefer said...

You guys are adorable, and I actually like your nails all different colors! :)

The green color from Essie's summer collection (it's called mimosa something) is sooooo cute too.

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