Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding Week: The Hardest Part

So I really want to link up with BB for her "what I do for money honey" link-up, I lurrrve me some BB, BUT I promised I'd see these wedding recaps out. Good news for moi, my lovely coworker, Lindsey from creatively classy pretty much summed it up! Tada!! Yup thats us! Go link up with her!! Minus all that Aggie crap (HOOOK EM') that is pretty much what I do.
and now, for the wedding recaps:
Matthew and I tied the Knot in Galveston, TX a coastal town outside of Houston. Galveston is not the prettiest of beach, but it’s the closest thing us Houstonians have, and it is very much a quick weekend get-away spot for locals.

Picking our date and venue was no doubt the hardest part for me. I always dreamt of a nautical style wedding on the water. But never in the sand. NEVER in the sand. Which may sound odd, but I was thinking pretty white yacht on amazing blue water, or off a cliff overlooking a lake?? I don’t really know, but this was my ‘wedding dream’ before I started planning, or was even engaged. Yes, you all know you scope out wedding venues before you get married. 

As I really started planning, I realized these two things were pretty much impossible within my budget. I researched destination weddings, knowing I could get the look of my dream wedding minus the obscene amount of cash, and had always thought it was a unique idea. But the more I thought about the destination wedding, the more saddened I became at how few of our loved ones could come.

Cue in Galveston!The “Quick” get-away, that amounts to an hour drive out of town. Does it have water? Check!  Does it have a Catholic Church for Matthew??Um boy did it ever. I googled catholic churches, and bam, this white beauty came up. This can substitute for a white boat right???

Ladies, it was love at first sight. And this was just through a computer. I knew it had to be good.

The church doesn't even look like its in Texas! People have to drive an hour away... is this a mini destination wedding?!? Yup. SOLD!!

And that was really how it all happened. I fell in love with the church, and the rest is history. Here are some pictures from the day. More explanation to come later!

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Carolyn said...

Such a gorgeous spot!!! :) I can't wait to see the rest!

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

Love the pictures! The church was gorgeous.

kristen said...


Erin said...

So beautiful! I still can't get over your dress, I just can't.

Sami said...

I went and stalked your coworker so I could find out what you do ;) Sounds like a fun job! Also, that chuch is gorg and you're right it doesn't look like it's in Texas!

Amber said...

That church is absolutely breathtaking

Lindsey Nicole said...

Those are some nice collages missy ;)

Oh and you look b.e.a.utiful!

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Beautiful <3

Katy M said...

that church is like beyond amazing!!

tara said...

what a GORGEOUS church! so hard to believe its in galveston!

Raquel said...

wow that church is beautiful!!

hehe, I not even CLOSE to being engaged, yet i'm already looking at venues :)

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